Dance Again: A Brief Choreopoem for the Brown Boys of Orlando

Three men enter a gay bar on Saturday June 11, 2016. They bond over their love of music, magic, men and being gay AF and ultimately remind us that the worst thing we can do in the wake of a tragedy is to forget it.
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Dance Again: A Brief Choreopoem for the Brown Boys of Orlando

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  • Molly Wagner:
    13 Apr. 2020
    The pace, the language, and the characters of this play are so incredibly visceral. And the moments are so incredibly real, celebrating the joy of what it is to feel alive and real. The humor in the dialogue is so effective, reminding me to breathe because I realized I was holding my breath the entire time reading this piece. Such an incredible tribute and reminder and catalogue of history and a the humanity that exists in the space within headlines. I would love to see this staged!
  • Brayden Frascone:
    16 Mar. 2019
    I read this play, crying in public, three times in a row. In a fast moving 10 pages, Rodriguez gives an incredibly vivid look into a community of latinx gay men in their own space moments before one of the worst massacres in American history. The language takes rapid turns, both haunting and beautiful, as the characters step towards their unknown fate. This play celebrates the life of these men and others, while reminding us to love fiercely and "dance again."
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    26 Sep. 2018
    A visceral and beautifully written short play. The language, the pace, it whips you to a night club, it makes you feel so much love and life, and then, suddenly and inescapably, it takes you to the shooting and the senseless loss of light. Rodriguez has crafted a haunting piece that should be seen everywhere because it lets you walk in another's shoes, and it forces you to feel both their pain and joy. That empathy and understanding is what we need a lot more of right now.

Production History

  • Professional
    Landing Theatre Houston TX