Unanswered Questions

[Short Monologue] A young girl deals with the aftermath of a school shooting in this monologue about gun control for a young actor.
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Unanswered Questions

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  • Emily Hageman:
    5 Apr. 2018
    A powerful piece for a courageous young actress. This unflinching monologue will challenge a young actress to dig into the depth of her emotional honesty while speaking an important truth. What I love most about this monologue is how it focuses on compassion and empathy for everyone involved in situations like this--and there could not be anything more beautiful to teach children. Robert writes with a tenderness and a care for young people that will immediately endear this piece to any student. Audiences will ache, but they will understand--because who can deny love?
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    18 Feb. 2018
    This's certainly one of the most effective monologues concerning experience of a school shooting that I've read. The girl is angry and confounded and somehow makes sense - within her purge and journey - of the political arguments that are coming (or are soon to come) against her and those with what is her less-and-less unique position. She breaks down the absurdity of teachers obtaining and utilizing guns as a deterrent. More or easier access to violence in response to violence is simply not the answer. Everett Robert's monologue both blooms and oozes at the cracks. An enraging, fuming work.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    8 Oct. 2017
    Know a high school student that needs a powerful monologue for audition/competition/forensics? Then have her check out Everett Robert's Unanswered Questions. In a world "ruled by violence," a girl grasps for answers like fingers in the dark, trying desperately to make sense of a recent school shooting. Vivid. Poignant. Shocking. A must read.

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    Ohio State University