Unanswered Questions

[Short Monologue] A young girl deals with the aftermath of a school shooting in this monologue about gun control for a young actor.
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Unanswered Questions

Recommended by

  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    5 Feb. 2019
    A truthful and astonishingly uplifting monologue from a teenager struggling with grief and traumatic memories. I'd particularly love to see this monologue performed for political leaders who continue to do nothing despite rapidly escalating numbers of school shootings. A very timely and very urgent play.
  • Emily Hageman:
    5 Apr. 2018
    A powerful piece for a courageous young actress. This unflinching monologue will challenge a young actress to dig into the depth of her emotional honesty while speaking an important truth. What I love most about this monologue is how it focuses on compassion and empathy for everyone involved in situations like this--and there could not be anything more beautiful to teach children. Robert writes with a tenderness and a care for young people that will immediately endear this piece to any student. Audiences will ache, but they will understand--because who can deny love?
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    18 Feb. 2018
    This's certainly one of the most effective monologues concerning experience of a school shooting that I've read. The girl is angry and confounded and somehow makes sense - within her purge and journey - of the political arguments that are coming (or are soon to come) against her and those with what is her less-and-less unique position. She breaks down the absurdity of teachers obtaining and utilizing guns as a deterrent. More or easier access to violence in response to violence is simply not the answer. Everett Robert's monologue both blooms and oozes at the cracks. An enraging, fuming work.

Character Information

  • The Girl
    AFAB or transfem
    A witness to a school shooting

Production History

  • University
    Ohio State University