Ministers of Loneliness

FULL LENGTH: Emma is certain that deep down she's an amazing guitarist. Joyce thought she'd be married or famous or signed by now. Earnest loves classical music and carefully curated seasonal decorations. With an ensemble of four to 100, this play weaves farce, fantasy and the extremely mundane into a collage of loneliness.
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Ministers of Loneliness

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  • Lily Riopelle:
    19 Apr. 2020
    This play, a kaleidoscopic exploration of loneliness in many form, illuminates the way that disappointment (be it the disappointment we feel about ourselves, or that which we imagine others feel about us) can amplify feelings of isolation, and celebrates the honesty, vulnerability, and effort necessary to meaningful human connection. At its best, theatre creates community within its audience and becomes a force to combat loneliness even after the performance has ended, and Ministers of Loneliness does just that.

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    Mary Rodgers Room at the Dramatists Guild


Himan Brown Award in Creative Writing
Brooklyn College