SUMO is a story about the pursuit of the impossible. Six fighters train, eat, love, play and ultimately compete, carving themselves and one another into the men they dream of being.
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Recommended by

  • Red Theater:
    10 Aug. 2022
    Lisa threads myth, humor, and visceral imagery together to tell a story about men's bodies and the souls within them. SUMO's world-building is confident and intentional, with plenty of moving images imagined with love for a curious audience.
  • Wyatt Kent:
    3 Aug. 2022
    Absolutely fascinating play, completely unafraid to create moments on the page that beg to be met with equally exciting solutions in staging. Sumo looks at the deeply unhealthy costs that can be paid by participants in male dominated spaces while approaching its subject with love.
  • Giulianna Marchese:
    27 Jul. 2022
    This play is so relatable as an artist. Especially the line "We have to stay in here to forget how insane this is." It made me think about how friends and family outside of theatre remind me how crazy my life choices are. But it is also about the beauty of pursuing something that feels unattainable. The risk of failure is what makes it worth the journey.
    I was also very interested in the amount of physical dedication to the sport. As a play, it provides many really wonderful opportunities on the stage.

Development History

  • Workshop
    La Jolla Playhouse
  • Residency
    The MacDowell Colony

Production History

  • Professional
    La Jolla Playhouse and Ma-Yi Theater Company