SUMO is a story about the pursuit of the impossible. Six fighters train, eat, love, play and ultimately compete, carving themselves and one another into the men they dream of being.
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Recommended by

  • Adam Szymkowicz:
    26 Apr. 2021
    A really touching play about a world most of us don't know much about. These characters are so vivid and specific and the world so well drawn.
  • Molly Olis Krost:
    19 Apr. 2021
    I was struck by the beautiful theatrical imagery of this play and how much was conveyed with such sparse dialogue. I felt utterly immersed in the world of this play and represents suck a distinct viewpoint and story not often represented onstage. There are so many creative possibilities for bringing this play to life and hope to see it one day!
  • Playwrights Foundation:
    17 Apr. 2021
    The community of national & local readers for the 44th annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival enthusiastically recommends SUMO as a Semi-Finalist at Playwrights Foundation out of 755 plays. We were deeply moved by the artistic merits of the distinctive physicality, poetic resonance, and beautifully sparse dialogue as the characters have a strong relationship to each other. We were compelled by the play's promise as it deals with demanding masculinity in this sport with characters and male relationships not often represented on stage. We hope this play is widely read, finds dedicated collaborators, and moves swiftly towards production. #BAPF2021

Development History

  • Residency
    The MacDowell Colony