Made of Glass

90 minutes, one intermission.

When Amy, an 18 year old with Down syndrome, leaves home for the first time in her life, her parents Margie and Jeff are left alone to stare their crumbling marriage in the face. How do we salvage our relationships, protect our loved ones, and keep our lives as we know them from shattering all around us?
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Made of Glass

Recommended by

  • Rachel Aberman:
    26 May. 2021
    A heartfelt piece cataloguing the transformation of a family. The play would resonate with anybody, but especially with parents, I think. It is wonderfully crafted and the characters speak with expertly rendered voices.
  • Nick Malakhow:
    13 Jan. 2021
    A beautifully executed piece that offers a nuanced and complex window into one couple coming to terms with their identities as parents and caretakers and how that journey dovetails with their friend's own desire for meaning and fulfillment. Wonderfully rendered characters who make complicated but always understandable decisions that highlight their own humanity. This play manages to be both gently written and full of potent conflict and tension.
  • Shaun Leisher:
    10 Jun. 2018
    Im usually not a fan of naturalistic living room plays unless they are done really well and highlight a unique aspect of humanity. This one does that!!!

Development History

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    Ignition Productions


Trustus Playwrights Festival