20-ish Stef and Oyster are siblings with a problem: Their wealthy mother’s new boyfriend has just moved in, and he’s sure to come between them and their easy lifestyle. As they plot and scheme, they discover their agita may in fact be covering something else, far more disturbing. Stef ends up confronting the history of that disturbance years later in an effort to come to grips with the unfathomable.
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Recommended by

  • Daniel McCoy:
    14 May. 2020
    Highly recommend! This is an acerbic, witty, multi-generational family comedy that peels back layer upon layer of hidden, sexy secrets. David employs his penchant for twisty dialogue and outrageous situations while telling an ultimately moving and discomfortingly human story.
  • David Hansen:
    28 Apr. 2020
    TWENTY-SEVEN is a riotous sex comedy about fucked up trust fund children and the inescapable damage caused being raised wealthy and shallow. And it is also, in is special way, about growing up. About finding true happiness and supports the unglamorous truth about really great middle-age sex. Hilder has great talent with brisk and witty dialogue and sympathetic if (hilariously) shameful characters. Highly recommended!

Character Information

  • Stef (Act I)/Anya (Act II)
    Early 20s/Nearly 18,
    Stef is remorseless, vicious, hilarious. Anya is remorseless and vicious, but less hilarious.
  • Oyster (Act I)/Oscar (Act II)
    Early 20s/Nearly 18,
    (assigned male at birth - plot relevant) Male
    Oyster is weak-willed but striving to be stronger, while also striving not to be gay. Oscar is quieter than his sister Anya, and deeper also.
  • Gordon (Act I)/Dr. Strib (Act II)
    Gordon is deeply tanned from hours on the golf course, and he's kind of crass (more New Money than Inherited Wealth), but his loyalties run deep. Dr. Strib is a calm psychiatrist in a mental hospital who, um, does something he really shouldn't do with a patient (I'm betting you can guess what it is).
  • Flossie (Act I)/Stef (Act II)
    Flossie is a veritable flibbertigibbet, sexually voracious, silly, but under all of that is a bone-deep pathos. Stef (in act II) is worn down by years of insecurity and unhappiness.