Shakespeare or the Devil

Infamous forger William Henry Ireland returns to the theatre for one night only to confess his crimes and entertain the audience with the story of how he fooled the best minds in England into thinking he had uncovered a previously unknown play by Shakespeare. To pull off this feat, he had to lie, scheme, and even betray his own father, but all's well that ends well... isn't it? (co-written with Matt Bird)
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Shakespeare or the Devil

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  • American Shakespeare Center:
    14 Mar. 2020
    Shakespeare or the Devil was on the final shortlist for Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries Cycle 3 at the American Shakespeare Center. It rose through to the top of an anonymous, multi-tiered selection process, and it is our pleasure to recommend this play. Dramatizing the story of the most scandalous forgeries in history, this play is thrilling, theatrical, and entertaining. It offers the potential for a tour-de-force performance from the actor cast as the charismatic forger.


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