A Series of Inelastic Collisions

After the death of her husband, Rain moves in with her estranged son, whose recent religious conversion has brought on major life changes, including fostering two teenagers. Isolated from her family, Rain finds connection and intimacy with the strangers she interacts with while phone-banking for her preferred presidential candidate.
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A Series of Inelastic Collisions

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  • David Beardsley:
    3 Jul. 2020
    There is so much going on in this play! It's gorgeous and deeply moving. It reveals the "emotional physics" at work in every person and every home--the vast, universal forces that mold us all, but that somehow produce a unique life every time. In what is a relatively large cast, Carabatsos does a masterful job of developing each of her characters, giving them all fully realized arcs and deeply affecting storylines. No one is just along for the ride. And it is a moving, funny, painful, meaningful ride. Beautifully done.
  • Mora V. Harris:
    27 May. 2020
    This is the kind of theatrical response to the 2016 election I most want to see! A kind and nuanced portrayal of the current political divides in this country, this play is a funny, thoughtful, and at times truly heartbreaking portrait of a family breaking to mend itself. I can't wait to see it produced!
  • Rachael Carnes:
    11 Apr. 2020
    Prescient and finely-wrought, this story centers on the complex dynamics among a family, demonstrating how an election can be a source of pain, fear, anger, sadness - and in its aftermath - maybe even growth. The writer brings areas to the fore for contemplation, though never in a ham-fisted or maudlin way. What's remarkable about this piece is it's consistently light touch, smartly allowing us room to have our emotional reactions, instead of telling us how to feel. The power-plays and powerlessness throughout this family's journey, reverberate in today's uncertainty, more than ever.

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