The Witches

When a nationally branded social media influencer visits the Bradbury Witch Dungeon Museum (the 23rd most popular witch-themed attraction in Massachusetts) old ghosts haunt anew, and a trio of women band together to divine where the bones are truly buried.
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The Witches

Recommended by

  • Luke Brett:
    30 Mar. 2020
    Not only is "The Witches," a compelling, contemporary story told with natural dialogue, but it also has genuine moments of terror. From its humor to its history to its difficult but poignant intergenerational dialogue, the script uses its four actors to create magic.
  • Maxwell Johnson:
    26 Mar. 2020
    A refreshingly modern play. Deeply cinematic and engaging. Hansen gracefully tells a story of unity, sisterhood, and the importance of history. "The Witches" is a cutting satire on the non-profit sector, while also showing a deep appreciation and love for the subject. A truly enjoyable read.

Character Information

    African American
    Female / Female-Identifying
    Female / Female Identifying
    Female / Female Identifying
    Female / Female Identifying