A pumpkin is asked to fly a crashing plane, but it is a pumpkin. Things do not get better from there. A short comedy for this exact moment in America. Originally developed for the 2017 National Month of Outrage.
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    14 Jul. 2020
    A perfect analogy that is so incredibly fun. Every democrat and Halloween fan will love the horror! Well done.
  • Ian August:
    19 Oct. 2018
    OMG, this play is SO MUCH FUN. The jokes are fast and furious and the satire is sharp. Perfect for any short play fest.
  • Jordan Elizabeth Henry:
    1 Apr. 2018
    Absolutely perfect: equal parts hysterical and horrifying, like living in a really funny nightmare. Terrific satire of the political climate of bickering, nonsense-talk, and straw-manning. And there are just so many quotable lines. PUMPKIN should be a part of every political short play festival -- the audience will be in hysterics during the performance, and deep in discussion afterwards.

Development History

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    Actors Bridge Ensemble