Dr. Abigail Fossier, a college therapist, is about to leave her office when one of her students appears at the door. When he tells her what happened to him, things take a terrifying turn.
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Recommended by

  • Cam Eickmeyer:
    8 Jul. 2024
    Eerie setup and pacing makes the short ghost story stand out. If a door slammed while I was reading I would absolutely have jumped!
  • Christopher Soucy:
    25 Jun. 2024
    Beautifully crafted ghost story with a chilling ending that is deserving of gasps. I am a ghost story fanatic and this short play checks all the boxes. But on top of ghost storytelling, there are precise social issues layered into the overall dread of the piece.
  • Rand Higbee:
    18 Feb. 2024
    Annie Considine's "Doors" is a short mystery/horror play. Things start off mysteriously and only get more mysterious as we move on. Some questions are answered but the answers only lead to more questions. The fact that by the end I was wanting to read a scene 2 shows that the play hits its mark. I will have to read more of this playwright's work.

Character Information

  • Dr. Abigail Fossier
    African American / Black
    College therapist.
  • Kyle Torres
    Early 20s,
    Any Race/Ethnicity
    College student. Baseball player.

Development History

  • Reading
    Chicago Dramatists