A dog is a creature of a nose

Beth has a dog. A fantastic casserole of a dog. The spaniel makes her loyal. The pit bull makes her fierce, and the bloodhound makes her hunt. And today she's found something quite extraordinary.

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A dog is a creature of a nose

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  • Charles Scott Jones:
    21 Sep. 2022
    Goodness gracious what a gorgeous poem play! A DOG IS A CREATURE OF A NOSE is sensual and lyrical and keeps you guessing where it's going as it informs and transports you along the way. We humans are so locked into our narrow sensuality that it's a blast to experience a dog-nose take on the world. Emma Gibson's strategy to dispense with a standard premise and let us be led by our noses is a wonderful way to match form with content and theme, allowing the beauty of her language to drive the action. Fine inspiring work!!

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