Employee of the Month

TEN MINUTE: A disagreement over what employee of the month Jordan should wear in her honorary photo for the company website is made complicated by the presence of her teenage daughter and every day sexism.
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Employee of the Month

Recommended by

  • Bryan Stubbles:
    16 Nov. 2018
    Saw this at the Utah New Works Theatre Project. Jolly good show! Sexism deconstruction and implosion. Beautiful.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    27 Jul. 2018
    Bublitz nails another blatant moment of sexism (perpetrated by another woman to boot). The ending is incredibly sad as we watch this poor mother and daughter share this horrible moment. This play needs to be produced ASAP.
  • Steven G. Martin:
    16 Jun. 2018
    Bublitz masterfully shows how a word or two, an action or two, can raise a person and her self-esteem or, in the case of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, deflate them. Audiences come to their own conclusions thanks to Bublitz's finely written dialogue and actions that feel real-life, low-key and non-melodramatic. A wonderful short play.

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    Theatre Southwest

Production History

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    Utah New Works Theatre Project