Troupe 98

10 minutes.

Four young Girl Scouts named Sarah grapple with individuality, mortality, and trying to win the Big Blue Excalibur Mountain Bike.
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Troupe 98

Recommended by

  • Paul Donnelly:
    5 Aug. 2022
    Chillingly funny and riddled with weird truths, this play gets at the real ways people think about and react to competition and illness and identity. It is very funny and very chilling. It would be wonderful to see it staged.
  • Samantha Marchant:
    5 Jan. 2021
    Funny and strange, like having to sell candy door to door as a child. The Sarahs made me want the blue bike. I felt happy and sad when Sarah 3 rides off and her wig remains. Well done!

Production History

  • Fringe
    Artists in Place