Newton's Third Law

10-minute. Vishnu is a 30-something year old atheist who lives with his parents with no girlfriend and no job. He has some questions for God.
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Newton's Third Law

Recommended by

  • John Busser:
    4 Aug. 2020
    Some plays are fun, some are smart, and fewer are both. This is one of the few. Kumar gives us a very funny interaction between God and an unbeliever where both make some very good points about the other. In the end, it feels like both have changed a little. Can't ask for more than that in a 10 minute play.
  • Larry Rinkel:
    31 May. 2020
    Not the first time God has been personified as a wise-cracking homeless dude, but Kumar puts a charming spin on the idea by putting Hinduism and reincarnation into the mix. And this charming little play has a plot, as 30-something Vishnu evolves "from 'atheist' to 'spiritual but not religious' in ten short pages. Even if in earlier lives he was a cactus and a member of the KKK named Karen.

Character Information

  • Vishnu
    South Asian
  • God
    Any age, Array,
    Any gender
    God can take any form, though is preferably an actor of color.