The Hunted (co-written with Paul Oakley Stovall)

Taqi, Nabeel and Imad are best friends… and they are being hunted. When reports about the torture and executions of gay men in Baghdad start multiplying in 2008, a small team from the Human Rights Watch in NYC hastily plans a rescue mission that could be these three men’s salvation. But will the HRW be greeted as liberators when it becomes painfully obvious that their mission has no clear exit strategy?
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The Hunted (co-written with Paul Oakley Stovall)

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  • Eugene O'Neill Theater Center:
    1 May. 2017
    It is the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's pleasure to recommend Evan Linder and their play The Hunted as a finalist for our 2017 National Playwrights Conference. The play rose through a competitive, anonymous, multileveled selection process that took nearly nine months to execute. As one of 55 finalists out of more than 1,300 submissions, the strength of its writing has allowed this work to prosper in such a competitive selection process. Our readers responded to the play’s moral center, as well as its investigation of underrepresented but important narratives.

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Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference