Blooming In Dry Season

Set in a rum shop in the Spice Isle of Grenada, Rose, an oppressed housewife, has lived life for her husband, Fitz, a failed Calypsonian, and daughter, Garland, a gifted steel pan player. When a once in a lifetime opportunity for her daughter presents itself, Rose realizes she's put her own dreams on hold long enough and she is forced to make a decision, should she stay or should she go?
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Blooming In Dry Season

Recommended by

  • Ivan Mosley:
    14 Feb. 2019
    In this quietly poignant play, Ms. Wardally uses gender roles to deftly explore the murky boundary between supporting someone else's dream and completely sacrificing your identity in service to it. She expertly uses subtext and humor to show the joys and pains in the older characters' marriage. Their struggle to encourage their daughter to pursue her dreams while accepting their own failures resonated with me the most. This play makes a powerful statement about how we embrace opportunity. I look forward to seeing it onstage.
  • Sharai Bohannon:
    10 May. 2018
    I LOVE this play!! The mother-daughter connection (not to mention the daughter's character arc that is usually written for men) is beautifully done!! The family dynamics and father trying to crush their child's dream also
    make it worth the read. Someone needs to produce this play immediately.
  • Jordan Elizabeth Henry:
    8 Feb. 2018
    This play is a punch in the gut. Deep, rich characters and lovely musical rhythms make this play shine. A story about sacrifice and memory that is specific to these characters and their situation while being simultaneously universal.


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