The Sugar Ridge Rag

Full-Length: Pete and Dave Granger, age 17, are twin brothers in rural northwest Ohio in 1970. Dave enlists in the Army; Pete goes to Canada to pursue his career in music. Over the next five years, their lives are changed by the Vietnam War and the choices they made. Deb and Hal, their parents, are left to deal with the consequences of their actions and their future as a family.

Published by Smith Scripts.
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The Sugar Ridge Rag

Recommended by

  • DC Cathro:
    20 Jul. 2020
    A sprawling drama spanning years and miles, but ultimately a story about the unbreakable bonds of a loving family ahead of their time. Williams has a way with smart characters, dialogue, and timely references.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    12 Jun. 2020
    Williams brings this brotherly love story to a very satisfactory conclusion. His language is rich and very of the time and there's not a false note in any of the scenes or action. And what a heart-rendering speech at the end by Dave.
  • Andy Rassler:
    9 Jun. 2020
    THE SUGAR RIDGE RAG is a really effective exploration of many family issues, beautifully tied together with a musical underscore. Scenes are connected and with some great lighting and scene change options, it's an inter-woven story that spans years of a family's experience. A great read and a compelling story. Williams knows music, history, and the heart of humans.

Character Information

    Well-built; headstrong.
    Pete’s identical twin. Muscular, determined.
    Late 30's,
    Their mother. Pragmatic and protective.
    Late 30's,
    Their father. Stoic, but not invincible.