Recommended by Rosie Narasaki

  • The Resurrectionist
    20 Jun. 2021
    A gorgeous gem of a play that explores life's biggest questions — love and death — with equal parts humor and profundity. Another couple adjectives: Gross (in a fun way) and philosophical (also in a fun way). RIYL laughing while you cry or crying while you laugh.
  • The Snake God of Fiji (A Hedda Gabler Prequel)
    25 Oct. 2020
    THE SNAKE GOD OF FIJI is a delightful historical romp, simmering over with sexuality and the accompanying innuendo. It's a sly wink at its source material, and at the same time, a thoughtful exploration of how we try to live vicariously through our art.
  • The Bottoming Process
    30 Jul. 2020
    Somehow, “the bottoming process” manages to be a) an adorable bittersweet romantic comedy, b) an incisive skewering of our perceptions of race and sexuality, and c) a genuine, non-stop laugh fest, all at once. There are SO many complexities when it comes to the intersection of Asian American stereotypes and sexuality, and Pilapil tackles the topic with just the right mix of humanity, wit, and vitriol. Produce this play!!
  • Before and After
    16 Apr. 2020
    This witty, fast-paced play is a timely and fresh send up of all your favorite cult-classic high school movies (think "Heathers" meets "Jawbreaker" meets "Mean Girls"). It's got the best (and hottest) Asian American mean girl ever, a rap about makeovers, and some top-notch bitchy humor. What more could you possibly ask for?
  • Happy Birthday, Joan!
    14 Apr. 2020
    This mindfuck of a ten-minute play is laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish. And sure, Joan may not be a real human being, but you'll fall in love with her anyway.
  • You Are The Blood
    14 Apr. 2020
    What if your dad was a serial killer? And what if said dad is now getting married to his prison pen pal, who is also a performance artist, who is also basically the same age as you? Oh, and did we mention that you're a struggling stand-up comedian? This darkly sexy play explores all that and more with humor, specificity, and deliciously tight pacing.
  • Trust Me
    14 Apr. 2020
    What starts as a modern farce that hilariously and poignantly answers the question "What if I became roommates with my high school boyfriend ten years after breaking up? It would be totally fine, right??" morphs into an equally hilarious and poignant coming-of-age tale about letting go of our emotional security blankets and admitting what we really want from our lives.
  • Southernmost
    14 Apr. 2020
    In Southernmost, Mary Lyon Kamitaki effortlessly introduces us to a world that's both completely new and all-too familiar. This homecoming tale set in semi-rural Hawaii treats audiences to a fresh look at the family drama that is in turns heartwarming and heart-breaking; raucously hilarious and deeply emotional.
  • Just So Typically Me
    14 Apr. 2020
    This intelligent, darkly humorous play is like looking at a Britney Spears-like object through a prism: Through the women in her life (and one enthusiastic mega-fan), we delve into what drives — and doesn't drive — her to be the pop star that captivates us all.
  • Monsters Are Made
    14 Apr. 2020
    Monsters Are Made deep dives right into the nuances and complexities of date rape, with two, well, nuanced and complex characters. Though the subject matter is serious (and by serious, I mean important and vital), this play is laugh-out-loud funny and occasionally quite sexy.