Recommended by Alexander Attea

  • Kubrickian
    19 Aug. 2019
    This simultaneously sparse and claustrophobic piece deftly explores the power of obsession and memory, as well as the failures of masculinity and communication. Plus: Stanley Kubrick!
  • Reason for Return
    8 Apr. 2019
    To me, the most impactful aspect of this piece was watching these four characters try to hold onto fragments of normalcy in their lives, in the aftermath of their worlds being turned upside-down. Very timely, very resonant.
  • Plastic Love
    16 Jan. 2019
    A powerful, at times hilarious, and endlessly intriguing play about what it means to be human in a world increasingly populated by technology. A real delight for performers, who get to explore an array of human and AI characters throughout each of the play's vignettes. It's a wild, funky, scary, charming, incredible piece of theatre!
    16 Jan. 2019
    Sure to be a conversation-starter, Elevator Girl is timely and thought-provoking piece. The script plays with the idea of what it means to be a "good guy" or "bad guy" through the lens of the superhero genre, to fascinating effect.