Recommended by Andrew Martineau

  • An Image of Love
    14 Nov. 2023
    Such complex emotional feelings of intimacy that William Triplett creates for Helen and Peter. Like the voyeuristic appeal of the art on the wall, we are eavesdropping on this ex-couple playing a dance of “should we or shouldn’t we” and we wonder if we should be rooting for them or not. A strong play for actors to explore with such rich subtext of adult relationships . Excellent!
    12 Nov. 2023
    Age might be just a number, but I never thought about it in terms of driving. Vivian Lermond’s extended metaphor is breathtakingly accurate. We are driving along, and before we know it, we are stuck in a bottleneck of Boomers. I love monologues for senior actors, if they are well-told, and this one goes full speed ahead! I would love to see this in action.
  • John and Edwin Booth Sit In A Booth
    11 Nov. 2023
    The Booth brothers provide a highly intriguing conflict, cleverly depicted by Cam Torres in anachronistic style. is this a dream? Perhaps, but what is crystal clear here is that tables have turned and now Edwin is the jealous sibling, despite his fame and family honor being overshadowed by villainous treachery. A fascinating look at a dark moment in our history.
  • Mayor Bob is DEAD!
    7 Nov. 2023
    Surprisingly, I think this is the first play I have read set on a certain holiday that shall demean nameless, lest I give away the twist at the end. This is zany, goofy fun, and I mean that in the best way. Sometimes you just need a good laugh, and David Lipschutz delivers it. This would be so much fun to watch!
  • Beldam & Gaffer
    5 Nov. 2023
    Oh, this play is a gift, a wonderful gift for audiences and directors, and especially for two senior actors. Ricardo Soltero-Brown doesn’t make eccentric caricatures out of this characters, and he doesn’t make them too gentle and sweet. He makes them human, with real world problems for aging people trying to remember a particular cat. Beautiful!
  • Psychelysis
    5 Nov. 2023
    This play has such a sublime abundance of wit that I was almost ready to give Julia a portion of my soul myself, or at least a nice smattering of applause. I was not prepared for the discovery of the sweetness of this exchange wrapped up in truly clever wordplay. I am certain this would a huge hit in a festival of comedic shorts.
  • 1 in 30 million (a monologue)
    25 Oct. 2023
    I will never pass a lobster tank in a grocery store again without thinking about Lawing’s celebrity lobster. Move over, Larry the Lobster; there is a new orange-tinted crustacean on display. Oh, the exploitation! This is really clever and fun.
  • Travelling Light (95 minutes) - Arriving here in January
    25 Oct. 2023
    Marc Harris has crafted a charming collection of intriguing scenes on a coach trip to Blackpool, each filled with conversations that have a myriad of surprising twists and resolutions. I can envision Harris’ play being a hit with theatres for its easily producible script and with audiences looking for relatable, likable characters. Take a fun trip with Travelling Light!
  • After It Stopped (Monologue)
    8 Oct. 2023
    The title in this incredibly heartbreaking and powerful monologue reveals that it didn’t actually stop. The pain continued and will never stop. No action on Timothy’s part to try to seek retribution will ease the pain; this we know. Don Baker is a writer who confronts injustice head on, and his work is always phenomenal. This gut-wrenching testimonial is no exception. Bravo!
  • Voyage To Nowhere
    8 Oct. 2023
    From the cryptic title to the sparse, naturalistic dialogue, this is a ten minute that builds quickly with suspense and tension and gives us a realistic, dramatic resolution. Jaxson Mackling takes us on a ride that has an important message, but he does it without being pedantic or melodramatic. A beautiful short play for actors to work on full of great subtext and emotion.