Recommended by Gwydion Suilebhan

  • The Window
    27 Dec. 2019
    This is one of the most ambitious, far-reaching ten-minute plays I've ever read.
  • Black Escalade
    5 Jan. 2017
    This play is on fire. The script narratively and structurally innovative, and the story is built around under-represented voices, and the play feels more fresh than anything I've read in a long while.
    1 Dec. 2016
    I was so excited to be able to see The Welders' world premiere of this exciting new play, which hits hard and pulls no punches. GREAT roles for women, too.
  • Orange
    5 Aug. 2016
    This is the sort of play that makes your heart larger. It's beautiful and timeless and poetic and brilliant.
  • I and You
    16 Mar. 2015
    This play broke me open and made my whole heart come tumbling out. Beautiful, epic, poetic, hugely imaginative, and purely soulful. I fell in love.
  • Stargazers
    10 Mar. 2015
    I couldn't like this play any more. Its mechanism works on all scales: from the personal to the astronomical. It's got a big vision (as does its author) and a grounded heart. It deserves to be both produced and seen.
  • Glassheart
    10 Mar. 2015
    A mighty, imaginative play that deserves a great deal of attention from a playwright with a sharp, smart, passionate voice.
  • How We Got On: a breakbeat play
    9 Mar. 2015
    The Humana production of this play sung to me directly: as if the play had been made for my own benefit. But it's much bigger than one person: it speaks, I think, to an entire generation. If more plays like this appeared on American stages, we'd have a new audience base in short order: one hungry for stories that are both excellent AND relevant.
  • Caesar and Dada
    9 Mar. 2015
    Delightful and deeply intelligent writing with tremendous range and ambition. I'm very glad to have caught the world premiere of this play in DC.
  • Tar Beach
    9 Mar. 2015
    Such a beautiful story: one that enlarges on the lives of a few captivating characters to become something epic and ambitious.