Recommended by E. M. Lewis

    16 Oct. 2020
    What a beautiful play this is! In "A Lesson in Swimming," Michael invites the audience into the terrifying experience of what it's really like to have a stroke, and then through his battle to find his way back to himself afterwards. With hope and humor, friends and family, heaps of courage and a few well-placed show tunes... this play is a wonderful window into vulnerability, empathy, and our shared humanity.
  • The Gentleman Caller
    15 Jan. 2019
    This is such a beautiful play! I love Philip Dawkins' writing. And here he has turned his attention to two of America's finest playwrights -- Tennessee Williams and William Inge. This early meeting -- before either of them has made their mark -- is fraught with sexual tension and artistic insecurity. It's a hot little two-hander, and having seen and loved it in Chicago, I'm hoping to see another production again soon.
    12 Oct. 2018
    It was a gift to meet Margot Lasher at a new play festival in Connecticut, and hear this lovely piece read. A breathtaking meditation on mortality, that is also a gift for those of us who love animals. The central role is a very strong one for an older actress!
  • Dark Play or Stories for Boys
    12 Oct. 2018
    I find myself recommending Dark Play or Stories for Boys to people regularly! I love its slippery theatricality, its complex humanity, its unfolding mystery, and how much I leaned in as an audience member when I first saw it produced at Boston Court Pasadena, a number of years ago. It's about ethics and identity, fear and desire -- and it's definitely worth reading! I'd love to see another production some time.
  • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
    11 May. 2017
    This is a beautiful play about real-life champion swimmer Diana Nyad. It highlights the strength, determination, and deep friendship of two women who are older than your typical world-class athlete, but still entirely capable of making history. Poetic, theatrical, and well-worth your time. Check it out!
    5 Jul. 2015
    I encountered this play at the Ashland New Plays Festival. It's a sharp, smart three-hander about politics, religion, and sexuality -- all the things you're not supposed to talk about at the dinner table, but long to see on stage. Check it out!
    5 Jul. 2015
    I encountered Sleeping Dogs at the Ashland New Plays Festival. It features very strong roles for the two women at the heart of the play, who are devastated in the wake of a fatal car accident involving their sons. Surprises, blame, guilt, and revelation abound!
    5 Jul. 2015
    I encountered this play at the Ashland New Plays Festival, where it was one of the winners. A bold exploration, and ultimately a strong indictment of the treatment of women in the American military that asks us to demand better.
  • Number of People
    29 May. 2015
    This is a beautiful and devastating play.
  • American Home
    29 May. 2015
    I love this play. It's about everything Americans were promised in boom time, and the trust that was lost when everything went bust in the housing crisis. Real people, trying to cope with overwhelming situations. Read it!