Recommended by Max Langert

  • Dreams
    22 Nov. 2023
    This play is remarkably poignant for one as silly and playful as it is. I had the pleasure of seeing its initial reading in Austin, laughing along with a roomful of others at each lightning-fast twist and turn. When fully produced, it continued to bring the house down, but also had a striking familial emotionality. What a great 10-minute piece this is, a comic world unto its own.
  • P, B, & Jane
    27 Feb. 2022
    Ava Love Hanna obviously knows improv, obviously knows pain, and definitely knows how to make a side-splittingly funny stew from both of them. P, B & JANE is fast, funny, poignant, and heartbreaking. A terrific, easy-to-mount-anywhere comic gem which deserves to be done Everywhere. This one will stick with you.
  • The Ocean Breathes Salty
    10 Feb. 2021
    This play in five scenes is spooky, quick-paced and moody in a way that matches the dramatic coast of southern Maine. As characters drop hints of what’s to come, there’s sorrow and bittersweetness hanging over everything. We want things to go well, even as we know there will be darkness. The play haunts us till its final dramatic end.
  • Ghosts From Beyond the Apocalypse
    10 Feb. 2021
    A creepy, post-apocalyptic adventure where a married couple runs into someone from their past and someone from the future, just as dread approaches right beyond the door. A psychological scene with twists that feels both contemporary and futuristic at the same time. We root for these characters to stay safe and stay connected.
  • Kangaroo Boy
    10 Feb. 2021
    A sweet, tender play about differences, acceptance, and coming to a place of understanding as teenagers. The journey these two characters go through is relatable and inspiring. Though enjoyable for any audience, I’d think it would go over especially well in middle school or junior high. A deft touch!
  • There Will Be Bears
    9 Feb. 2021
    Ava Love Hanna is such a sparkling comedic writer that dialogue pops and crackles down the page. This play is no exception with a couple of bumbling nature amateurs trying to figure out how to survive in the wilderness. There’s heart and poignancy in this script too, and that’s ultimately what raises it to the next level. Would make a great summertime show!
  • Click
    9 Feb. 2021
    This is a surprisingly sweet and touching modern play about online dating. What starts with a couple of brash guys rolling their eyes at their potential prospects ends up being way more vulnerable and moving than we expect. Dating is hard. Relationships are hard. Allan Baker gets this, and sums it up with a simple, short, effective two-hander.
  • Mementos (3-5 Minute Play)
    9 Feb. 2021
    A whimsical, playful, sad yet hopeful snapshot of a life lived and its refuse. Would make a great easy-to-produce scene in a night full of shorts, or as an opening act to something longer. Sticks with you!
  • The Way of Water
    9 Feb. 2021
    The Way of Water is compelling from beginning to end, following a couple of fishermen who try to make a living under the disastrous shadow of the remains of the Deepwater Horizon. The progressive illness of one character over time is devastating and insidious to watch. The play symbolizes the toll that corporate greed can inflict upon innocent people, highlighting the pain that few of us ever see. Poignant, powerful and heartbreakingly affecting.
    9 Feb. 2021
    I saw Know Theatre’s production of RED BIKE in 2020 and loved how much room there was for interpretation, direction, and movement. It’s a beautiful piece that moves and flows effortlessly with the poetry of the language. This is a powerful and versatile work that will stick with you for a long time.