Recommended by Andrea Lepcio

  • Minority Of Three
    2 Mar. 2022
    Just the kind of 10-minute play that I like. A beginning, a middle, and an end. Great characters who challenge each other and themselves. A real conflict and satisfying surprise.
  • Bollywood Ending with Minor Destruction
    28 Mar. 2020
    Wow. What a great and energizing read. Fantastic characters. Maximillian is telling a familiar story in such a unique and eye-opening way. It is wonderful to see a young female character fight so hard for herself. Beautiful.
  • FUKT
    7 Mar. 2020
    I love the humor that opens the play. I relaxed immediately into the story. It is so much fun listening to a woman arguing with herself. And then we fall into the pain and I want to listen. The opening prepared me to listen. And I listened to every word. Fukt is brave, necessary, and needed.
  • Babeland
    20 Feb. 2020
    A fun, wild, and emotional ride. Absolutely cinema verite. Would be so great to see it staged. Rich, diverse characters who are rock stars, but riddled with human foibles, conflicts, and desires. Very satisfying to watch them struggle on their way to facing their truths.
    19 Feb. 2020
    Delightful. The humor builds on itself as the story complicates and rewards.
  • A Very Very Short Play
    19 Feb. 2020
    I loved every instant. So imaginative and inviting and real. Oh, the daring of falling in love with the right or wrong person.
  • Babel
    16 Feb. 2020
    What a great read. And I would so love to see this play. Jacqueline creates a futuristic world that is as detailed as it is terrifying. She expertly expresses the world to me as her engaging characters grapple with the consequences. I loved the contrast between the lesbian and straight couples. The twists and turns make for a great ride and all the while I'm thinking what would I do in this world.
  • My Brother's Gift
    16 Feb. 2020
    A dreamscape moving back and forth in time based on a true story. I fell in love with each nuanced character as they made art and reached for life and love despite terrifying circumstances. Claudia gives us a fresh and intimate telling of a familiar story. I could imagine it in production with the projections of paintings and use of music. Highly recommended.