Recommended by Donnetta Lavinia Grays

  • The Way North
    13 Oct. 2019
    What can I say that hasn't already been said about this extraordinary play? It is moving, beautifully written and should be produced immediately. I am so glad that is was selected as an Honorable Mention for the Kilroys List 2019. So well deserved!
  • Wink
    21 Jul. 2016
    There's not much Jen Silverman can't do. I got to be in the room during phases of Wink's development as part of terraNova Collective's Groundbreakers Playwright Group. "Wink" is funny, dark, dangerous and sexy and has some of the most clever language put to paper. Love this play.
  • Nollywood Dreams
    21 Jul. 2016
    Got the chance to see this play read as part of the New York Stage and Film Powerhouse Theater Festival this summer ('16). Such a tremendously funny play. The characters are joyful and lovingly written. And the situation is completely relatable. Delightful as hell! It really fills a much needed comedic space in the African narrative in the American theater. Any theater company would benefit greatly by adding Nollywood Dreams to their season.
  • runboyrun
    16 Dec. 2015
    Downright brilliant. Mfoniso's voice is sweeping, poetic, electric and daring. Language is out of this world. And this epic story is wrenching and illuminating. I'm a true fan.
  • The Luckiest People
    16 Dec. 2015
    Meredith has such a fine grasp of honest dialogue. The Luckiest People, which I got to see a reading of during PlayFest at Orlando Shakes, is a touching play with some of the most memorable moments, characters and monologues I heard in a long time. Loved this play.
  • How to Use a Knife
    16 Dec. 2015
    Saw "How to Use a Knife" as part of the NNPN Showcase. Such a muscular, sharp and visceral play. Full of humor and pain. Enjoyed the hell out of it!
  • Arsonist
    16 Dec. 2015
    I had the pleasure of seeing The Arsonists as part of the NNPN Showcase. This play is such a wonderful and uniquely Southern Gothic poem of a play. The father/daughter relationship is touching through its darkness. Gorgeous language. I highly recommend it.