Recommended by Gina Stevensen

  • Maybe Tomorrow
    5 May. 2022
    Funny, theatrical, and totally unique! "Maybe Tomorrow" is a delicious two-hander that wrestles
    with parenthood, marriage, and career, turning these seemingly familiar subjects completely upside down and forcing the reader and audience to question all the pre-conceived notions they brought with them into this play. As the action moves forward, we increasingly wonder what is real and what our responsibility as an audience is -- and the playwright keeps us on the edge of our seats the whole time.
  • Three Scenes in the Life of a Trotskyist
    5 May. 2022
    Sharp, vivid, and wildly intelligent, "Three Scenes in the Life of a Trotskyist" effortlessly educates at the same time as it entertains. The dialogue and characters leap off the page, bringing the heady ideas at its core to life in a way that I find extremely rare in political plays. This play illuminated the evolution of perspectives on communism and socialism in America in a way I honestly never understood before. Theatrical and timely, this play is a feast for actors and audience alike!
    6 Jan. 2022
    A moving contemporary take on the endlessly relevant subject of the family drama. Burdick's characters are pulsing with need, and -- like the deafening hum of the cicadas that richly score the play -- they are all fighting to be heard.
  • A Misanthrope
    30 Nov. 2021
    This play is an absolute feast! The wit and precision of the rhyming verse is staggeringly impressive, and the play is hilarious and mesmerizing from start to finish. If Moliére was alive today, he would wish he had written this adaptation himself.
  • Ada
    24 Sep. 2019
    A thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of humanity in a technologically fraught world. How do we define consciousness? What is our collective responsibility to the life-like things we create? As the characters struggle with questions of identity, morality, and revenge, it becomes impossible not to turn those questions on ourselves.
  • Outer Banks
    24 Sep. 2019
    Stephen Foglia's writing brims with heart, tenderness, and resilience, and "Outer Banks" is no exception. The setting and characters are exquisitely grounded from the very first page, making it all the more exhilarating as the the boundaries of reality begin to break down. Junie is rich and complex, as are all of Stephen's female protagonists. This play will leave you holding your breath.
  • Imagine That
    6 Oct. 2018
    Such a delight! A wickedly funny absurdist comedy that is at times brutal, tender, and desperate. In wildly theatrical ways, the play raises surprisingly dark questions about value in contemporary American society.