Recommended by David MacDowell Blue

  • The Female Gaze
    22 Aug. 2023
    I really enjoy this little play, a nice "twist" and deep dive into a bit of classic mythology. A comedic (as opposed to comic) re-examination of legend through a lens hinting maybe, just maybe misogyny really is a thing (btw oh yes it is) and was back then. That we are perhaps in some ways wiser. I think that is a good thing.
  • The Whale's Tale
    6 Feb. 2022
    I had the great good fortune to sit in the workshop readings of this play, and frankly adore it. Myth meets capitalism, environmentalism meets fragile masculinity, all in a brew of hope and guilt and fear and frustration. I strongly believe this play captures what live theatre does best--not the blase strictures of naturalism, but the inner lives of human beings made manifest on stage.
  • A Gulag Mouse
    13 Nov. 2021
    Saw this play in Los Angeles before the Pandemic, one of the most powerful works I've ever seen, not least because it transported me to a world both alien yet completely understandable in presentation. Set for the most part inside a Soviet women's Gulag, this work continues to haunt me years later.
  • Are The Wings On The Bee Clean?
    3 Sep. 2021
    One of those truly oddball comedies, based on desperation and love, affection and guilt, insight and blindness. I really liked this.
  • The Surveillance Trilogy
    25 Sep. 2020
    I got to take part in the workshop process of these three and found all of them compelling. I am rarely surprised watching plays anymore, but in these I had trouble even trying to guess what would happen. More (and more importantly) I cared about what happened next, which is more than liking the characters. I did but the situation grabbed me even more.
  • Are You Sitting Down?
    4 Sep. 2020
    I had the great good luck to read Carl, and the whole thing is delightfully odd, full of contemplations that aren't a distraction but rather make up the story. Because they do in life. I genuinely admire Mark's ability to squeeze powerful brews of humanity out of hilarious weirdness.
  • Ripples
    4 Sep. 2020
    Life is or can be absurd, and this play explores this like a kind of positive WAITING FOR GODOT but with sex.
  • A Gulag Mouse
    4 Sep. 2020
    I found this play chilling on so many levels, a portrait of those pushed to the absolute limit and what happens when they break.