Recommended by David Robson

  • The Sex Writer
    4 Aug. 2022
    As a sometime-produced playwright, I wanted to read more of Adam's work because he is widely produced. Well, I can see why. The scene changes are fast, the story is fun, and the characters are well-drawn. The main character Jane is sexy and smart and unapologetically herself--great to see in a female character. Actors will enjoy the story's smoothly rendered daughter-father arc and audiences will likely eat up a play that is at once moving, very funny, and, despite (or because of) the title, quite sweet and satisfying.
  • Hum
    15 Mar. 2019
    I saw Hum in a vividly staged reading at PlayPenn a few years back. Its concept is fascinating and weird and entrancing, three things I look for in good plays. I love plays that encourage me to "see" and hear in different ways, and Nick's piece is a real paradigm-shifter. As someone always looking to find words to express myself, I was awed by Nick's ability to rethink how a story is told.
    15 Mar. 2019
    As a person fascinated by how our culture interprets and portrays the concept of Christ, I was captivated by this tight, irreverent, and caustic comedy. The overwhelmed therapist acts as referee for the three deluded (or not?) Christs and plays the straight woman to this "host" of wacky peeps. Theology + philosophy + psychiatry = hilarity, and a little something to think about after leaving the theater.
    15 Mar. 2019
    What a moving and beautiful play! Whether you're a parent or not, you will be able to identify with the two flawed main characters as they work through their grief and try keeping their marriage afloat in the wake of a hideous tragedy. All six parts are well-wrought, juicy, and multi-dimensional. Missing Link grapples with the biggest of issues but does so in a smart, funny, and insightful way.
    15 Mar. 2019
    This is a funny, whip-smart play that I saw at InterAct in 2008. The themes couldn't be more topical, with the haves and have-nots clashing and the many characters struggling mightily to have their way(s). The satire is razor-sharp and insightful. Laugh and think. Produce this play.