Recommended by Lisa Kenner Grissom

  • Bonus
    16 Jan. 2022
    Ward expertly weaves social commentary and gender politics throughout this hilarious, smart, and sexy two-hander. Her sharp dialogue grabs you from the first line and never lets you go. Produce this play!
    3 Dec. 2021
    In this riveting, dark, and dystopian fairytale, Aja Houston has created a world and story that is fantastic in the true sense of the word, yet also speaks clearly to the present moment. Her characters are so sharply drawn that they become unforgettable, and her inventiveness with language is unmatched. I hope to see this play brought to life on stage soon!
    11 Nov. 2021
    In this lyrical and haunting drama, Hasu Houston explores the nature of love and family against the backdrop of cultural difference, while opening up possibilities for healing and closure. The beautiful imagery in this play resonates long after the experience of reading it. I look forward to seeing this piece come to life on stages soon.
    11 Nov. 2021
    THIRD PERSON is a hauntingly beautiful experience on the page that I can't wait to experience in a real life! With brilliant characterizations, poetic yet brutally honest prose, and stunning imagery, Maisel has crafted a unique love story that draws you in and never lets you go.
  • The Play You Want
    11 Nov. 2021
    Cubria brilliantly skewers the theatre industrial complex in this biting, sharp, hilarious satire, yet he does so with such heart. At once a love letter to theatre (and clown plays), as well as a commentary on cultural stereotyping, Cubria makes you simultaneously laugh and think. I LOVE this play and can’t wait to see it come to life on stage.
  • The Caregiver's Guide
    6 Oct. 2021
    Jami Brandli has a knack for delving deeply into challenging subject matter and making it both true and entertaining. With equal doses of theatricality, pathos, and humor, we get a glimpse into all sides of a family dealing with one member's early onset Alzheimer's diagnosis, and its impact on each of them. With rich characters and sparkling dialogue, Brandli shows us how a tragic situation can be transformed into an opportunity for healing.
  • Three Women in a Wildfire
    23 Apr. 2021
    In Three Women in a Wildfire, Julianne Jigour gives us a complex story that expertly interweaves the narratives of the three main characters, creating a complex dynamic of this family of women who, each in her own way, must navigate her relationship to herself, to the men in her life, and to the world. Rich in theatricality and set against the backdrop of a landscape literally on fire, I look forward to seeing this ambitious play realized on stage.
  • Gone
    15 Mar. 2021
    In GONE, Lolly Ward gives us a sparkling fresh take on the family drama infusing it with biting humor, exquisite depth, and searing truth. The characters are so well-drawn, you feel like you're truly eavesdropping on all the discomfort that comes with siblings navigating a future when their parents are....gone. Ward beautifully mines this subject for all of its dramatic potential. I look forward to seeing this play produced!
    14 Sep. 2020
    In All The Good in the World, Hinkle infuses the family drama with humor and complexity as he explores the role faith plays in a small town religious family whose world has been interrupted by a stranger in need of "saving." This play asks, can we save ourselves by saving another? Or do we need to save ourselves first? Whether or not you are religious minded, this play offers thought-provoking questions that stay with you.
  • Florence Fane in San Francisco
    9 Aug. 2020
    With crackling dialogue and complex characters that you want to spend time with, Barrett gives us a highly theatrical piece that comes to life against the backdrop of a fascinating time in history. It's a highly entertaining ride, and one that also makes you think, as Barrett doesn't shy away from delving into gender and workplace issues that resonate today. I'd love to see it staged!