Recommended by Kris Thompson

  • Phone Friend
    17 Jan. 2022
    I happened upon Josephson's blog and was hoping to find his "If Only, a Tale From a Thursday" but perhaps not yet fully developed. I was rewarded, however, with this short which poignantly demonstrates the downright necessity we all have for human connection and personal growth. Lovely...
  • Stress for Success at Our Lady of the Bleeding Heart, Mind and Spirit - Once Reformed
    6 Jan. 2022
    What a hoot! Lovely, unexpected, elevated banter. Would love to see on stage.
  • Are You One of Those Robots?
    5 Jan. 2022
    I love that this play acknowledges the possibility that love can overcome prejudices, that some prejudices really are simply born of ignorance, and that some relationships are worth trying to save. It is clever, warm, and sweet.
  • Admiral Grace Hopper Revisits
    30 Oct. 2021
    I love when I'm entertained and also learn something historic. It's like that extra something that elevates works to a higher level...taking us places we never knew we wanted to go and couldn't go on our own. I love how Grace's professional experience of life informs the context of her transition from this existence to her next. I love that she found herself in a position, during her transition, to share with us and did so with humor and, well, grace! Well done Jennifer!
  • Burgers
    30 Oct. 2021
    I love it when I'm reading and forget I'm reading. The imagery provided is so vivid, if I wasn't already a vegetarian, Sapio might have spoiled hamburgers for me for quite a while. I totally went along for the burger ride and enjoyed every delicious...and disgusting...moment.
  • Street
    29 Aug. 2021
    Perspective is everything. I love this piece. It shares a POV I would never have expected while reminding me that I, unlike the street, have no excuse not to take action against injustice. Bravo.
  • With Love For Our Brother Man
    1 Apr. 2020
    A poignant look at personal grief in the modern world. Makayla's emotions are palpable as she navigates the quick-moving waters of sibling responsibility, racism, and loss.
  • Journeying Jack
    23 Apr. 2019
    What a beautiful bit of emotional whimsy...lovely, sweet, and sad. I adore the way the bedtime stories mirror Jack's journey through the stages of grief to a destination of healing. There is no explanation of what happened to Mom and the story is complete and satisfying without that bit. I would love seeing this staged. I could also totally see this as a full length film. Bravo!
  • The Fort
    22 Apr. 2019
    I had no idea where this journey of brothers was headed. I love being surprised and I was, pleasantly. Enjoyed the mixture of childhood brother dynamic with adult brother dynamic, what remains and what has changed. A cleaver bit of weaving. Really enjoyed.
    4 Aug. 2018
    With "I'LL LOVE YOU 'TIL THE COWS COME HOME", Greg Burdick delivers a powerful image of marriage, Alzheimer's, life, and death with painfully raw honesty. Peeking into the lives of this struggling couple, in the late stages of the disease and their marriage, is like stepping into a hurricane...quickly growing out of control, highly destructive, and then suddenly the calm. But the damage is done. Bravo!