Recommended by Jacob York

  • That Fat Bitch Loved to Run Her Mouth
    11 May. 2020
    A monologue of fire and sadness, in turns hilarious and haunting. Well worth your read and worth asking yourself the questions posed here. How do we want to be remembered - with all our edges sanded to oblivion or faithfully?
    5 May. 2020
    It's the kind of play that can change your life as an actor. It's tender, hilarious, and heartbreaking. It's eminently producible. I can't recommend it highly enough. I love this play and your audiences will too.
  • Knead
    5 Mar. 2020
    A lovely, deeply personal experience. I say experience, because it would be impossible to separate the words on the page from the smells and sounds made while the story is constructed in front of you. While reading, I could smell the break baking. What a delight.
  • Tall Tales
    15 Nov. 2019
    Horror is so hard to pull off, but TALL TALES is legitimately scary - The Elder offering many opportunities for a movement based monster that reaches out to the make the audience's lizard brain scream, "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG HERE." The mood of the piece grabs you by the throat. The characters are interesting and varied, the setting oppressive. Really worth your time. Give it a read.
  • Swell Party
    12 Feb. 2015
    SWELL PARTY is that play you've been looking for. Four tour de force parts for women. Whip smart dialogue. A clever, intriguing mystery told with all the ability of the best back porch raconteur you could imagine. Topher Payne is a new Southern voice that you should be paying attention to and SWELL PARTY is a perfect example of why you need to start.
  • The Doctor, The Devil, & My Dad
    5 Feb. 2015
    This play is a direct window into grief. It drips off the page. But not just the bitterness of grief. Also the recovery and rebirth. It's a lovely testament to those we've all lost.
    29 Jan. 2015
    Brutal. Unrelenting. Uncompromising. Magical.

    I read this play in one quick sitting. Couldn't put it down. It's a very difficult show to describe (and you should certainly take the "grotesque" tag to heart, because it's a hard read on occasion.) but it's a lovely trip into a world of possibilities, only to be ripped out by the jealousy, pain, and judgement of others.

    But, yes. Read it. Absolutely read it.