Recommended by Jacob York

  • The Venetians
    1 Oct. 2023
    I'm on this website as a playwright, but playing Iago in the staged reading of this at The Atlanta Shakespere Company was a vicious little delight.

    It's a sumptuous play, full of language actors love to say, dealing with powerful and ever-present issues. Fantastic roles for a multitude of people. Recommended to anyone, but particularly to theatres that primarily stage classics. You owe it to yourself to read this play.
  • The Pros & Cons of Killing Your Cult Leader
    22 Aug. 2023
    What a delight this play is. Both a deeply unserious romp and a meaningful examination of the patriarchal systems we allow to ruin our lives. It's 3/4 silly and 1/4 sincere, which is a great ratio to get your audiences to really hear what is being said between the laughs. The showing I saw was packed. The same thing could happen for your theatre! Program this play.
  • The Bachelor Party
    22 Jun. 2023
    Fun, silly, and exciting with endearing characters, THE BACHELOR PARTY gives you everything a farce demands. If your theatre is in the market for a door-slamming dose of fun, read this play. Audiences will adore it.
  • burnout.
    15 Dec. 2021
    burnout. is a play for a generation stuck behind an inert mountain of debt, unable to afford basics like dental care and housing. River Timms is a visceral writer and the way they bring the blood behind the numbers to the forefront of this story is dazzling.
  • Monster Girls at Sunshine Doughnuts
    28 Mar. 2021
    A kind, hilarious, and thoughtful examination of the price we all have to pay to be ourselves. The Monster Girls at the center of the play are wonderful roles for young actors. Silly and sincere in equal measure. You won't find a play with a bigger heart.
  • That Fat Bitch Loved to Run Her Mouth
    11 May. 2020
    A monologue of fire and sadness, in turns hilarious and haunting. Well worth your read and worth asking yourself the questions posed here. How do we want to be remembered - with all our edges sanded to oblivion or faithfully?
    5 May. 2020
    It's the kind of play that can change your life as an actor. It's tender, hilarious, and heartbreaking. It's eminently producible. I can't recommend it highly enough. I love this play and your audiences will too.
  • Knead
    5 Mar. 2020
    A lovely, deeply personal experience. I say experience, because it would be impossible to separate the words on the page from the smells and sounds made while the story is constructed in front of you. While reading, I could smell the break baking. What a delight.
  • Tall Tales
    15 Nov. 2019
    Horror is so hard to pull off, but TALL TALES is legitimately scary - The Elder offering many opportunities for a movement based monster that reaches out to the make the audience's lizard brain scream, "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG HERE." The mood of the piece grabs you by the throat. The characters are interesting and varied, the setting oppressive. Really worth your time. Give it a read.
  • Effective Magic
    16 Aug. 2018
    A show about friendship and youth and the infinite possibility of who you can become when you get older. These kids live in a world where they must navigate prank phone calls to bullies, their parent's depression, and magic spells from self-help books with the same care, which is one of the great things about youth. The stakes are high, but that's just life. It reminds you of the tender heart you used to carry with you and the friends who have stuck by your side throughout it all.