Recommended by Kat Ramsburg

  • How to Audition for a Play if You're a Girl
    18 Dec. 2018
    This is the perfect play for every middle & high school ensemble. It gets to the truth of what it's like to be an actor in a smart and humorous way. It offers opportunities for multiple speaking roles for students as well as the opportunity to learn how to build distinct characters. Most importantly it offers the chance to laugh at ourselves through the tears caused by being in the arts.
  • The Place That Made You
    20 Oct. 2018
    This was a heartbreaking and stunning read from start to finish. Darcy's take on how families are formed, and destroyed, and how grief will chase you from your neighbor's house, to Aleppo, to the belly of a whale, all builds to a spectacular ending. There's magic in these pages, and I cannot wait to see it staged.
    2 Aug. 2018
    Reminiscent of Wilder's OUR TOWN and Eno's MIDDLETOWN, KODACHROME offers an emotional journey that deepens with each new interaction between the play's characters. I found myself reading passages repeatedly to make sure I excavated every nuance from the text. This is a stunning play, with specific and understated dialogue, on our memories and how they fail us, and how love is as confusing as it is thrilling. I could not have loved this play more and hope I am fortunate enough to see it production one day.
  • I'll Tell You at Sunrise
    26 Jun. 2018
    Gonzalez beautifully captures the pain and isolation of depression, but also the faintest hope that someone will be able to get through to you and pull you out of your despair — and it's never the person we think it will be. These two characters are as real as they come, as though they weren't written, but actually exist, and that is the magic of Gonzalez's writing.
  • Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes
    4 Jun. 2018
    What a stunning play by a truly gifted playwright. Gonzalez looks at our failed prison system but doesn't pontificate. Instead he pulls us into the world of the prisoners, and those on the outside who are equally burdened by this unjust system. Clocking in at over two hours, particularly on such a dark and difficult subject, shouldn't deter any producing organization. Gonzales skillfully embeds purely comedic moments that make you laugh and fall in love with these characters. Any theatre willing to tackle this topic, would be lucky to have this play in their season.
  • Drown
    1 Jan. 2016
    Such a heartbreaking, beautiful play from a talented playwright. David captures the pain of loss, and the absurdity of translating that loss to a world that has shifted in a single moment. He plays with that absurdity in a way that is both deft and entertaining.