Evelyn Jean Pine

Evelyn Jean Pine

I write plays about the moment when you feel your life is brand new. . . whether it is or not.


  • The Secrets of the World
    Four Taino Indians, paraded by Columbus before Queen Isabella, vow to change history. Steeled by myth, each explores a new world in which hope, intimacy, and conquest collide, and Queen Isabella discovers that the world is bigger and more complicated than in her wildest dreams.

    The play is intimate in expression, but epic in scope, and double-casting makes the large number of characters manageable
  • The Christmas Call
    War vets, two from the USA, one from Viet Nam, reconnect over the holidays.
  • Simple & Elegant
    Simple and Elegant, the daughters of a poor fisherman, argue over a gold coin they discover in the belly of a fish.

    Published in _Best of PlayGround, 2013_, Cass Brayton, Editor
    Award: PlayGround Distinguished PlayWright, 2013
  • Cleaning Out
    Cleaning out their dead mother’s apartment, two sisters argue over a bottle of perfume.

    6th Street Playhouse, New Works Festival, Honorable Mention, 2005
    Quickies Festival, Actors Theatre of Santa Rosa, Honorable Mention, 2005