Recommended by Andie Arthur

  • The Insidious Impact of Anton
    27 Jul. 2015
    A charming and fun play. Francesca is a incredibly vivid character, who leads the audience through her increasingly magical world, with witty commentary.
  • Boldly Go
    22 Jul. 2015
    This is such a fun and charming play. It starts out with a great geeky premise -- following the adventures of a pair of most likely doomed red shirts -- and turns into a really poignant look at a relationship. So much subtext and wonder presented in a very short time.
  • Heart Shaped Nebula
    25 Jun. 2015
    This play is achingly beautiful.
  • End Days
    25 Jun. 2015
    I really adore End Days. There's so much that is incredibly theatrically rich, including having one actor play both Jesus and Stephen Hawking. However, what really makes the play stay with me is the tenderness in the writing.
  • The Kingdom of Grimm
    19 Mar. 2015
    This musical is completely kid approved. I house managed the original production and it was so much fun watching 900 children get incredibly excited in the morning. They clapped along with the music, laughed at all the right places, and left exuberant.
  • Glassheart
    19 Mar. 2015
    I just reread Glassheart and fell in love with it all over again. It's full of qualities that make Reina Hardy such a strong writer -- warmth, wit, humor, and heart.
    19 Mar. 2015
    In the Forest, She Grew Fangs is one of my favorite plays that we've presented in Lost Girl Theatre's Getting Lost Reading Series. It's lyrical, fantastical, deeply emotionally resonant, and one of my favorite fairytale retellings that I've come across.
  • The River Bride
    21 Jan. 2015
    My company Lost Girls Theatre did a reading of this piece in October 2014, I had loved the play on the page, but hearing it aloud brought out a profound beauty that I didn't catch even while reading. It's a really thoughtful, beautiful fairytale, full of exquisite language and subtle emotions.