Kaelan Strouse

Kaelan Strouse

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Kaelan is a graduate of Northwestern University's theatre program (magna cum laude) and The Conservatory at The Second City. He wrote and directed the award-winning film, "Legend of Amba," as well as the web series "Backwoods Bard." As an actor he has performed throughout the midwest, rocky mountain states, and in Los Angeles.


  • Ending Well
    Four multi-decade friends find themselves at a point in their lives where much is coming to an end: their careers, their health, and many of the demarcators of their identities. They have to confront and claim ownership of some very challenging revelations, and find how they want to spend the last quarter of their lives - and hopefully learn that it’s never to late to begin anew.

Recommended by Kaelan Strouse

  • Muthaland
    8 Aug. 2017
    I'm absolutely a huge fan of this play! Fierce, boldly self-aware, often funny, and sometimes poignantly sad. The piece keeps the audience engaged and wanting more from beginning straight through to the beautiful end.