Recommended by Ken Levine

  • Country Fried Murder
    3 Dec. 2020
    A nifty murder mystery with the added benefit of teaching you how to write country songs that sell in Nashville. Well-constructed and very enlightening.
  • Every Seven Minutes
    26 Oct. 2020
    Very inventive with some nice and funny things to say about fate and the need for condoms.
  • A Dave with Destiny
    26 Oct. 2020
    Sweet and funny and certainly for me, the perfect ending. Bonus: Great new pick up lines.
  • A First-Draft Second-Rate Love Story
    28 Sep. 2020
    Clever funny play and all too-true. Actors working off of different drafts -- sure happened to me. More than once. :)
  • Please Don't Ask About Becket
    20 Sep. 2020
    So much to relate to in this beautiful play. Family dynamics laid bare. Highly recommended.
  • Exit Wounds
    20 Sep. 2020
    Timely, touching, and heartbreaking. Beautiful play.
    20 Sep. 2020
    A wonderful combination of relationships, religion, and humor. Thought provoking and wonderful.
  • Digby's Home
    20 Sep. 2020
    Funny and compelling -- a rare combination.
  • Hard Cell
    20 Sep. 2020
    Hilarious and timely and sooooo smart. One of the best plays I've read this year.
  • American Underground
    20 Sep. 2020
    Smart, clever, thought provoking, and funny. Worth checking out.