Recommended by Sarah Bowden

  • Time
    2 Jun. 2022
    A short and imaginative exploration of the end of life, and what that moment is for those experiencing, both the dying and the lost. Short but not without space and empathy.
  • No Winter, No Worries
    5 May. 2022
    Robot butlers! Mosquitos that are essential parts of making a margarita! The mystery of winter! This short play about life after the apocalypse has such an intriguing world built in a short timeframe, and is a darkly funny consideration on climate change.
  • No Theater Critics Were Harmed in the Writing of this Play
    21 Apr. 2022
    A good exploration of how writers often lift themselves out of their problems! Short and sweet, with a complex problem resolved with support and clarity.
    25 Feb. 2022
    This is a charming play that starts as one in a pair of newlyweds having cold feet, and morphs into something fantastical and wonderful! Osborne plays a neat trick in grounding the fantasy elements in real problems and emotions, and it creates a unique experience for the audience.
  • 1900s Women Bonding
    8 Feb. 2022
    Catherine Weingarten is so insightful under the guise of 1900s tropes. Scratch the surface, and the sadness and the coping methods women still employ today come clear.
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    26 Jun. 2019
    This script is a brilliant and profound and thrilling and hilarious piece of theatre. There's a lot of interrogation and healing surrounding this script about a class challenging The Crucible during our #MeToo era, and the characters shine.
  • The Volunteer
    9 May. 2018
    Heard this as part of a Chicago reading series, and Cassandra builds an alternate reality I would both love to live in, and would also be immediately terrified of. The choices made around nuclear war become deeply personal in an intense and hilarious examination of what happens when killing becomes less a theory, and more a practice.
  • Rev
    17 Mar. 2018
    A great examination of chosen family with a concrete lifeblood flowing through stress about money and donuts and the things we put off until they seem impossible anymore. Great stage imagery and a fantastic set of characters!
  • Night in Alachua County
    6 Feb. 2018
    Saw this in production, thanks to Wildclaw Theatre, and I got the creepy-crawlies from the second the lights rose. A fantastic family secrets play with a gothic bombast that allows for wonderful side characters who deserve their own plays!
  • The Milky Way Cabaret
    6 Feb. 2018
    Saw the Cardboard Box Collective production back in 2007, and was delighted by the scope of Romero's imagination. If you think you have figured out how these two timelines will intersect, you are dead wrong.