Recommended by Sarah Bowden

  • John Proctor is the Villain
    26 Jun. 2019
    This script is a brilliant and profound and thrilling and hilarious piece of theatre. There's a lot of interrogation and healing surrounding this script about a class challenging The Crucible during our #MeToo era, and the characters shine.
  • The Volunteer
    9 May. 2018
    Heard this as part of a Chicago reading series, and Cassandra builds an alternate reality I would both love to live in, and would also be immediately terrified of. The choices made around nuclear war become deeply personal in an intense and hilarious examination of what happens when killing becomes less a theory, and more a practice.
  • Rev
    17 Mar. 2018
    A great examination of chosen family with a concrete lifeblood flowing through stress about money and donuts and the things we put off until they seem impossible anymore. Great stage imagery and a fantastic set of characters!
  • Night in Alachua County
    6 Feb. 2018
    Saw this in production, thanks to Wildclaw Theatre, and I got the creepy-crawlies from the second the lights rose. A fantastic family secrets play with a gothic bombast that allows for wonderful side characters who deserve their own plays!
  • The Milky Way Cabaret
    6 Feb. 2018
    Saw the Cardboard Box Collective production back in 2007, and was delighted by the scope of Romero's imagination. If you think you have figured out how these two timelines will intersect, you are dead wrong.
  • Dark King Kills Unicorn
    6 Feb. 2018
    Read this play as part of the "Best American Plays 2012-2013" anthology, and its examination of good and evil, optimism and cynicism, in the middle of an awesome man-on-unicorn sword fight marks it worthy of multiple productions. A real winner that makes you think!
  • The Light
    6 Feb. 2018
    Saw THE LIGHT in production only a month or so ago, and I can't get Webb's beautiful love story out of my mind. Sitting at the heart of this play are questions of connection and willingness to see from your partner's point of view. A wonderful examination of two good people struggling with how to support one another in a dangerous and deeply flawed world.
  • Robin Hood and the Secret of Sherwood
    26 Oct. 2017
    Robin Hood as a superhero-type mantle is such a clever idea, and it is well-employed by Jeremy Sony in an examination of duty and identity. This play is a rollicking good time, and packs an unexpected emotional wallop about three-quarters of the way through. Great for all variety of theatre companies.
  • American Beauty Shop
    26 Oct. 2017
    A searing play about the difficulties of achieving one's dreams in a society with few safety nets and even fewer options for aspiring entrepreneurs. Dana Lynn Formby gives her characters blind spots and points of pride that vibrate with realism, while her language reaches poetic heights. A great examination of how tough it is to make it in America.
  • In the Shadow of his Language
    26 Oct. 2017
    An aching play about identity and the cost of high achievement within academic. Full of sharp theatrical devices and incisive character work. Didi's parents are particularly well drawn, as are moments involving class clashes -- from small things like shoes and laptops to larger questions about poise, presentation, and accents. An insightful play with a hell of a perception shift smuggled in at the end.