Recommended by Bob Stewart

  • FUKT
    31 Oct. 2022
    I just saw my colleague's play "FUCT" this weekend. Immensely fascinating, as the story unfolds with comedy, drama and pure theatrics! With lots of entertaining ideas and real honesty. One of the most emotionally transparent pieces, I've seen in a long time. And at 80 minutes! Go!!!!!
  • The Mockingbird's Nest
    22 Nov. 2021
    I enjoyed this short play so much. It's clean and very well done. So economical! I love the Black Mirror quality! I'd love to see it performed. Just Great!!!!!!
    28 Oct. 2021
    This play is such a gem. I was swept away. I loved these people and I loved the story and I loved the writing. Ms Hutton knows these folks and you can tell. It's not sentimental but full of honest sentiment. Charming! (And it's hard to write "charming" and she does it very well.) After reading this, I'm glad to have known these people. They hold a forever-place in my heart now.
  • The Lost Ballad of Our Mechanical Ancestor (and the Terror the Old Gods Wrought Upon the First of Us Before the Great Liberation)
    13 Sep. 2021
    This play was so fun and fabulously original! I was very moved by Madison Wetzell's story and use of language is perfect. I love the use of her robot-speak. I found myself imitating them as I read! I love HERO and his friends! It's PROMETHEUS homage is clever, (dare I say, "a modern Prometheus") and very entertaining and so fun to read! I would LOVE to see a mount of this! ANYONE who has a Theater Company please check into this play!!!!
  • TOUCH THE MOON One Act Play, 3 Characters
    18 Jun. 2020
    Terrific and exciting. A terrifying mystery of regret. Very theatrical and always tense and interesting. A Tell-Tale Heart of a mystery. Well worth your time and very timely too.
  • Panegyric
    9 Jun. 2020
    A magical island filled with three great artists from history, who were later discovered to be sexually notorious in and after their lifetimes. Each three, a literary shipwreck of ideas on art, and how their art became their oasis for living. Told with a deep appreciation of language. Filled with literary and artistic "Easter Eggs" for the very well read and for those who are not. Lush, adult, and unashamed. Very engaging and deeply thought out. A goldmine for actors and designers!
  • Lost Sock Laundry
    20 May. 2019
    This is a lovely play! I had the pleasure of seeing it being developed at the CLAMOUR THEATRE's WRITING RETREAT in 2019. Full of rich, urban, diverse, characters with a strong heart. Great roles for three women in their 30's. A real slice of life play that is full of life!
  • Lost Sock Laundry
    20 May. 2019
    I just saw a new Reading LOST SOCK LAUNDRY again and it's even stronger than it was when I saw it in development! Full of so much life!
    1 May. 2018
    I love this Writer's work! Always excites me and inspires me.