Recommended by Katherine Gwynn

  • lasting beauty
    11 Sep. 2019
    one of the most realistic ways I've seen suicideal ideation discussed, as young queer people tend to discuss it. it's funny until it's not, it's brutal until there's a release, and in 10 short pages you go throughout a journey with these characters. a great 10 minute.
  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    30 Aug. 2019
    you need to produce this play.

    this play is what it sounds like yes--but also not. it does not give answers. it demands question after question after question, an incessant barrage that bears the the tender flesh at the heart of american theatre. it gives space for rage and wondering and fear and hope, all in equal measure.

    you need to produce this play. now. not in 5 years. now.
  • Milk and Gall
    30 Aug. 2019
    this play is a fierce dissection into motherhood, into womanhood, into white womanhood, into rage and fear and hope--it's brilliant. do this play.
  • Wolves Eat Elk
    8 Aug. 2019
    a beautiful, sparse and surreal play about fear and home and longing.
  • ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? a play with 3 Mashas
    8 Aug. 2019
    a gorgeous, funny and heartbreaking existential play without a man in sight--my kinda play.
  • [hieroglyph]
    5 Aug. 2019
    Just saw a reading of this yesterday at Victory Gradens--a raw and visceral play that talks about the breadth of violence done to black women and girls' bodies while still carving out space for tenderness and joy for black women and girls. And you could feel that distinctly in the audience too--the audience was fully engaged ,responding, commenting in the moment, gasping, going silent as a pin--it was breath-taking ot be a part of.
  • The Gradient
    5 Aug. 2019
    Just saw this yesterday at Victory Gardens, and I was stunned by how precisely and deftly Del Rosso carries us through a play diving deep into the idea of what sexual harassment does to women (and men's) psyches and questioning whether forgiveness is ever possible. It's also fucking hilarious. I want to see this show produced now, and I want to make a lot of men in my life watch it.
  • Seagulls
    17 Jul. 2019
    Saw this at Steppenwolf's outlook series, and it was a joy from start to finish. A deep dive into what it means to be an young artist who wants to make something that matters (and the self-destruction and isolation that can come out that desire) rendered with sharpness and empathy. It's funny, it's heartbreaking, and I'm going to have MUSE stuck in my head for a while.
    14 Jun. 2019
    a hilarious nightmare of a play with jokes that land like a used tampon thrown in your face (and I mean this in the best way.)
  • Killed a Man (Joking)
    16 May. 2019
    a taut and sharp look at how women survive (and help one another survive) violence, KAMJ had me going from laughing hysterically from feeling like I'd just been punched in the gut. It wastes no time in putting you in the place of these 4 women, just trying to get by.