Recommended by Katherine Gwynn

    22 May. 2020
    a visceral, painful, and honest play about disordered eating, fatphobia, diet culture, and more.
  • Fremont Junior High Is NOT Doing Oklahoma!
    17 Apr. 2020
    Within the first page I was choking with laughter. And then by the last page my heart felt torn in two, as I had gone through the highs and lows, trials and tribulations, and traumas and triumphs of Fremont Junior High's drama club trying to pick their spring production. The gift of this script is that even though it is darkly, piercingly funny, we never laugh at our our preteen leads, or think that their goals don't matter. No, part of why this play cuts to the quick is that we empathize with them fully and totally. A true delight.
  • Rock Egg Spoon
    5 Mar. 2020
    a stunning piece full of rage and tenderness and empathy, spilling over with questions about being heard and hearing others.
  • Allond(R)a
    27 Feb. 2020
    oh god--a gutpunch of a play. a beautifully messy story about being a teenager and moving past fear and fighting for your life.
  • The Kritik
    7 Feb. 2020
    god this play is a DELIGHT. it's laugh out loud funny (really the wit in this is razor sharp) but it also cut to the quick of me more times than I could count. These are characters that feel everything earnestly, and this play prods at what it means to make a play yes, but also what it means to be in community with one another.

    also--oh to be an actor in this. so many breathtaking monologues that always feel desperately earned.
  • How to Defend Yourself
    29 Jan. 2020
    I was lucky enough to see a preview of this last night at Victory Gardens and--this play spoke to a part of myself that I didn't know needed to be spoken to. It is a play that is devastatingly kind to it's characters. It is a play that doesn't give you answers. And it is a play that rages and celebrates and panics and craves desire, and how we feel it and invite it and ward it off from our bodies. I'm going to be thinking about it for a long time.
  • The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows
    2 Jan. 2020
    Femia perfectly captures the fear and horniness and desperation and desire for more that I felt as a queer teenage girl in catholic school and also captured the queer teenage catholic girl I wish I had been brave enough to be, and wish I had felt like I could be but wasn't give space to be, and wish I felt safe enough at the time to be. I desperately hope I get to see this produced. And to every theatre company that is trying to 'produce 'measure for measure' for the #metoo era"--please just produce this instead.
  • Desire in a Tinier House
    21 Dec. 2019
    I was lucky enough to see the premiere production of this play. a gorgeous play about desire yes, but also about how we hold onto one another when the world is falling apart.
  • More Than the Animals
    2 Dec. 2019
    this monologue got me right in my queer girl catholic heart. funny, taut and earnest beyond belief.
  • lasting beauty
    11 Sep. 2019
    one of the most realistic ways I've seen suicideal ideation discussed, as young queer people tend to discuss it. it's funny until it's not, it's brutal until there's a release, and in 10 short pages you go throughout a journey with these characters. a great 10 minute.