Recommended by Rebecca Kane

  • Pit
    15 Sep. 2023
    This play is delightfully unexpected in so many ways. Daniel Prillaman sets it up rather brilliantly, as it takes no time at all to figure out where we are, what's happening, and how this situation would normally be terrifying, but his truly innovative take on a buddy comedy puts us at just enough ease to find endless moments of shocked laughter. The characters may be named "Hat" and "Glasses", but make no mistake -- they're fully developed and so much more than their clever (if tragically vague) monikers. I can't wait to see them in person on stage ASAP!
  • Abigail, For Now
    4 Sep. 2023
    The gripping set-up pulled me in, the interesting story kept me, and the fast, smooth dialogue moved the whole thing along at impressive speed. I couldn't stop reading once I started; I was so desperate to find out what happened to Abigail, who felt like a new, interesting friend by the end. Speaking of the ending -- goosebumps!!
  • The Eighteenth Quinquennial Endlings Picnic
    14 Aug. 2023
    This is an incredibly unique piece with lots of room for creativity in design and staging. I'm so impressed with the big ideas, layered issues, and clear imagery that are accomplished in such a short amount of time. Last but not least, I imagine this as an absolute playground for actors; I can't wait to see so many different combinations of five stellar performers bring these animals and interactions to life.
  • Afterwards (a monologue)
    3 Aug. 2023
    Love this monologue -- it starts out with a bang, ends with a perfect bite, and still has potential for thought and reflection. And since this all occurs in such a short amount of time, I can def picture this as a solid audition piece. On top of all that, it's timely as hell. I hope I see more from this character but if this monologue is all I get, I'll still be happy!
  • You See Them in the Corners of Your Eyes
    18 Jul. 2023
    Everything you want in a short horror play. It's funny, filled with dread, and that dramatic turn is just devastating. Besides hitting those classic elements of a spooky story, it's also just an incredibly smooth read, and really reflects Daniel Prillaman's writing rhythm as a whole.
  • Seaside Tragedies
    25 Jun. 2023
    I want to live a lifetime in the world of Tishk and Brady, even though Scott Sickles successfully pulled off the realism of this kind of romance, meaning often devastating and terrifying -- it would be worth it if it means I get to see every inch of their layered life together. The violence is gripping but the love is so, so real. I can't wait to see more of this play as well as other full-length works by Scott. Seaside Tragedies made a follower out of me!
  • Prewritten
    16 Jun. 2023
    Devastating from every angle... yet it left me with a feeling of hope as well. The multifaceted emotional ride this took me on in such a short amount of time truly shows the playwright's technical skills. Moughon uncovered a story in the all-too-prevalent tales of school shootings that is new, smart, and so worth telling.
  • Dead People
    16 Jun. 2023
    Besides being a thoroughly interesting concept and a devastatingly well-executed comedic drama, I'm impressed with the respect and depth Portman showed for her characters' struggles. I've suffered from similar mental health issues as Boatswain and it means a lot to me to have him representing OCD and intrusive thoughts on stage properly. Thank you for the work you put in, Bridgette -- it pays off amazingly in this touching, layered play.
  • sorry sorry okay sorry
    15 Jun. 2023
    Everything about this play works, from the details dropped in anecdotes from the characters' histories that just devastate you, to the overall arc of a complicated friendship between two well-crafted women. Everett has an exquisite grasp on the pain of grief from multiple angles, but substantial moments of humor and love keep it hopeful. This play is a cathartic experience that I have a feeling we'll be seeing as a mainstay in theatres across the country soon -- and that day can't come soon enough for me as an audience member.
    22 Jan. 2023
    Every bit of this felt all too real. You can easily feel how overwhelmed this character is -- it would be a joy to see this performed live one day. I also loved the realism yet nice rhythm in the way a character this age and situation would speak.