Recommended by Kirt Shineman

  • The Last Jew
    28 Jun. 2023
    From the first page, I was hooked. Andrea Lepcio's The Last Jew tells a story about not just Jews, but about humanity and the forces that would tear that apart. The Last Jew is vital and frightening. The questions this play asks should all make us think about our hidden and obvious prejudices. This play reminds us to stand together and be counted in the fight against racism, antisemitism and prejudice.
    22 Jul. 2022
    Asher's unique and sweet monologue delivers a story every bit as endearing as it is powerful, making it one of his best original monologues ever. This one-person dramatic play would work well with an evening of other plays for both high-school and college students.
  • Blooming Cactus
    28 Jun. 2022
    Prescription medication prices are forcing many elderly to risk going into Mexico for their pills. Many elderly gamble with their health by taking the chance with these drugs. Sally Jane has cleverly taken a serious subject and flipped it into a delightful comedy. Perfect roles for mature women (seniors).
    28 Jun. 2022
    I loved this play. As the storm overtakes Matt's life while he attempts to assist Jesse excel in school, he faces homophobia and rejection. Rowan's characters feel real and authentic. His take on "middle America" is reflective of my America.
  • The Brock Battle Show
    28 Jun. 2022
    The Brock Battle Show takes a light look at the assumptions, and pressures of being a man, and what it means to be a man today. Bardin carefully addresses toxic masculinity, and the pressures of society on the definition of manliness in this quick short with two strong roles for men. The short is easy to stage and fun to produce.
  • Intermission
    28 Jun. 2022
    Meta-theater short play at its best! Overall the short is darkly comic, but the audience gets short bits of relief with insightful writing on the challenges of marriage. The play is subtle and demands actors who understand subtext.
  • Iron Justice
    28 Jun. 2022
    This film noir parody subtly addresses gender difference as the writer struggles to find a new script. Goulder maintains a delicate equilibrium between the noir re-enactment and the "real" lives of the two characters. Goulder offers a short comedy which compliments noir classics in a quick play. Meaty roles for a short play.
  • The Exhibition
    27 Sep. 2021
    I LOVE this play. It changed my life.