Recommended by Laura Pittenger

  • Jesus at 10 (an evening of 10 short plays)
    4 Dec. 2019
    Opens with a lyrically written meditation on a screaming baby Jesus. Rare to see plays about faith and the major figures of the Christian imagination written this relatably and kindly. We even see Jesus with a bit of writer's block. Funny, challenging, and instructive. Would be an easily staged and superior night of theater for a church community or the greater public.
  • Camp Tupper Lake
    19 Aug. 2017
    Oh man, I remember the camping days. A pitch perfect look into the bygone days of 1990s summer camp. No spoilers, but this play is hilarious until - in one very alarming moment - it's not. Dark comedy at its finest.
  • You Are The Blood
    5 Jan. 2017
    Saw a staged reading of this piece at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska in 2016. One of the best pieces at the conference. Great characters, witty, painful, and wholly unique. For the odd person who enjoys both true crime and dysfunctional family comedies.
  • Dear Galileo
    5 Jan. 2017
    One of the greatest plays about science, faith, and science and faith that I have ever heard. If this play isn't a classic in the next 5-10 years then I'll consider the American theater landscape dead. This may sound exaggerated. I assure you it is not.
  • King Arthur in Contemporary Connecticut
    31 Jan. 2016
    KING ARTHUR is a playful adaptation of the original Mark Twain story that will delight any Arthurian or Merlinian aficionado. The play is radio drama in style of Thrilling Adventure Hour and uses SFX & a lot of heart to tell its tale. James is a very easy playwright to work with and has polished his script considerably since its first reading, looking forward to seeing what kind of future this piece has in store for it.
  • The Devil's Own Game
    1 Feb. 2015
    I directed this play as a staged reading for Turn to Flesh Productions, NY. It was a spiritual, physical, and intellectual workout for all involved. Looking forward to its next incarnation. Recommended if you always thought Faust got a raw deal and/or you live for the thrill of discovery.