Recommended by Jonathan Josephson

  • (25 Minutes) Boogie Cousins and the 1.8 Seconds That Changed Everything
    23 Feb. 2024
    At once a deepcut love letter to basketball and those who love it and play it well, and a thoughtful meditation on the psychology of greatness and achievement.
    21 Nov. 2020
    I saw a reading of this play and was hooked from the opening scene; the world premiere production was gorgeous and moving. "Eight Nights" is a Jewish story, an immigrant story, and an American story; it's an old story and brand new; it's multi-cultural and multi-critical; also warmhearted and welcoming. Its every family squabble and everything that binds family ties so tightly.
  • Zip Code 90011: South Central Los Angeles - Speakeasy
    20 Nov. 2020
    Speakeasy is an excellent radio play with sharp storytelling and a series of delicious twists. The juxtaposition of racial status quo in Paris vs. LA in in the 1950s is an engrossing backdrop for a story of three folks trying to do right for themselves, their future, and their chosen community.
  • Wounded
    19 Nov. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing the award-winning premiere of this play, it's a special piece. Pain is a difficult theme to manifest dramatically and this play is a clinic on that idea - the travels from anguish to healing and back again are gut-wrenching yet uplifting in a delightfully theatrical way.
  • Gidion's Knot
    15 Nov. 2020
    I saw this play years ago and it's stayed with me, vividly and viscerally. It's a tough play, not exactly for the "Singing in the Rain" crowd. This is a brilliant piece - prophetic and provocative in the best possible way. It's a play to devour, discuss, think over, argue over, be haunted by and ultimately thankful for.
  • Mysterious Circumstances
    5 Oct. 2020
    A lively, heart-breaking, real-world mystery with the ceaseless wit of Doyle and the larger-than-life fantasy of Sherlock Holmes at its smoldering core. The play is rooted in cold facts and then follows a brilliant, so theatrical concept that is executed mischievously and lovingly at every turn (and there are a LOT of turns...).
  • The Fertile River
    24 Jun. 2020
    A stunning, harrowing play of America's no-so-distant racial past that resonates palpably (and importantly) right here right now.