Recommended by Colette Mazunik

  • Taco Town
    3 Nov. 2022
    Such an engaging ensemble piece. Sorge knows this world and it shows!

    He has created a group of characters who find themselves taking drastic action before they’ve had a chance to think things through, and it’s fascinating to watch them grapple with a situation that has spiraled out of control.
  • James of Nazareth
    3 Nov. 2022
    Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend has achieved a rare feat—a retelling of the Jesus story that is simultaneously utterly familiar and completely fresh. With fast-paced dialogue, this play if filled with great, rich roles for a variety of ages.
  • Missives
    31 May. 2022
    Mythic in scope, Keel creates a rich world where she deftly explores the interplay between life and death.
  • oh to be pure again
    30 May. 2022
    An astoundingly well-observed exploration of purity culture. Rockwell's characters are never merely caricatures, even as their culture is critiqued. Their search for God and for friendship is pure, even as they are made to feel impure.
  • inValidated
    17 Jun. 2021
    inValidated is theatrical in its essence with language is compelling and beautifully crafted. It’s engaging, intense, and filled to the brim with pain and anger. The ending is especially strong and gave me a palpable sense of closure. It would make for a powerful evening of theatre!
  • Civil
    21 Oct. 2018
    Audience participation at its best! Rob Matsushita creates a thoroughly engaging (and surprisingly eerie) experience that will keep you talking on your drive home from the theatre.
  • The Couches
    21 Jul. 2018
    Funny, thought provoking and beautifully structured.
    This play is my first exposure to David’s work, and now I want to keep reading!
  • Arsonist
    21 Jul. 2018
    Just got a chance to see THE ARSONISTS at Benchmark Theatre. Wow. Beautiful and brutal, with haunting, lyrical language.