Recommended by Erin Moughon

  • Gun Safe
    14 Nov. 2021
    As a teacher, this piece hit close to home. Realistic (sadly) and very well done! I felt like I was in that classroom and that I had met those parents before. I could not stop reading. The ending sent a chill down my spine.
    1 May. 2021
    One of my favorite plays. A magical trip between now and 19th century Russia with whipsmart commentary on our politics and political activism. You get so wrapped up in the songs and story and spectacle that you are truly sad when it ends. Funny, touching, dark, clever. There are not enough adjectives. Cannot recommend it enough!
  • Pirate Queen of the Hudson, a High Seas Adventure Yarn Set on a River of Medium Width
    1 May. 2021
    Who doesn't love pirates? Max Gill takes you a new kind of high seas adventure, on that balances humor, relationships, climate change, and refugee crisis. Set in a dystopic futre, this piece feels fresh and timely. Also it has some truly awesome, smart female-identifying leading characters (and a diverse rest of the cast). The play lives up to the wonderful title.
  • Cell Memory Theory
    1 May. 2021
    A beautifully written piece of thrilling magical reality. It keeps you guessing while building the strong relationships of all characters. Lovely work!
  • Florence the Firefly
    1 May. 2021
    A delightful piece full of beautiful language (and some fun plays on words!). A unique and fresh take on the mating. You'll love following Florence (Flo) on her journey.