Recommended by Brianna Barrett

  • Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill Fill
    1 Apr. 2021
    This play washes over you like a waterfall or a landslide or an avalanche. There is so much too much. Overload. Exclamation points. It’s hard to write a coming-of-age sex comedy that feels new and urgent and necessary, but this play runs at it at 100mph. The stand-out moment, though, shifts away from the noisy anxiety and toward the discomfort of a friendship that has been left to die on the vine. It's painfully real and, I hazard to guess, will have many readers looking inwards.
  • Here Comes The Night
    27 May. 2020
    I really enjoyed this piece! A slow burn that carefully reveals itself at just the right time. I'm particularly drawn to the way in which these characters unpack what it means to be a "persona" or a "brand" -- the way it draws these characters closer but also repels and alienates them at the same time. Honesty, artifice, authenticity and self-interest are all rolled together for a complicated and satisfying look at modern friendship.
  • How the Light Gets In
    3 Nov. 2019
    A touching play that handles a difficult subject matter with a lot of levity, compassion, and beauty. It ties together its themes artfully and creates a world that embraces the messy, complicated, disappointing parts of life without pushing you away. It's ultimately such a delight when these characters let you in.
  • Shakespeare's Skull
    29 Jan. 2019
    This play is hilarious. It is a light, historically-based story, imaginatively brought to life with this cast of wacky, slap-stick characters who keep you laughing from start to finish. I love the historical details tucked in amid the utter nonsense. It's so much FUN! A well-plotted, carefully crafted play that doesn't take itself to seriously, and I would love to see it fully realized on stage.
  • Lunch Ladies
    21 Nov. 2017
    Playful, funny, fun. Vivid characters and intriguing plot.
  • Off Duty
    21 Nov. 2017
    This play warms and breaks your heart. Complicated, emotional, develops great characters and covers a lot of ground in 10 minutes.
  • Theory of Nothing
    21 Nov. 2017