Recommended by Robert Weibezahl

  • Lines
    6 Jun. 2023
    Nichols and May meet Kafka in this hilarious two-hander that touches on the absurdity and anxiety of modern life with uncanny precision. Best line (of many!): ‘When the sixth Harry Potter book came out, I waited in line for three days, then I went right back to the end of the line to wait for the seventh book.’ LINES is sure to be a crowd-delighting hit at many short play festivals.
  • Poor Paige
    6 Jun. 2023
    Cole achieves two things so well here—an empathetic picture of economic realities squeezing out the middle class and, more deliciously, a scathing portrait of a one-sided friendship. Paige is a perfectly drawn antagonist—the clueless loser and user that everyone of us has encountered. Amelia is a big-hearted enabler caught in her own best intentions. Juicy roles for two actresses keen on digging into the complex psychology of everyday life.
  • Back to the Suture
    6 Jun. 2023
    A clever cautionary tale filled with humor and irony. Bruce Karp perfectly captures the mindset, propagated by the entertainment and fashion industries, that aging is a failing and that self-worth is tied to youthful appearance. We may pity Brenda and laugh at her vanity, but her anxiety hits close to home.
  • Watercolors
    4 Jun. 2023
    The title of this compelling and heartfelt play refers to some specific artwork left behind by a talented dead painter, but also, metaphorically, to the brave pursuit of an art and a life that are at once fragile and immutable. Williams deftly plays with this metaphor, exploring big questions about the legacy of an artist and the mysteries that permeate even the most loving, committed relationships. WATERCOLORS gallops along like an intriguing, beautifully-structured mystery, then dares to pause for us to catch our breaths and think about deeper things. A rich and accomplished work.
  • TWO OLD MEN SITTING ON A BENCH (a gentle short comedy)
    23 Mar. 2023
    O’Neill-Butler’s pitch-perfect ear for dialogue rings clear in this touching two-hander. Mac is weathering the realities of later life with the sincere, if clumsy, support of his buddy Bob. Their exchange truly captures the way many men talk around the truth while still managing to get to its core. Two great roles for older actors, with so much to explore beneath the surface of the words.
    17 Mar. 2023
    Doris is an absolutely hilarious character, a “little old lady” who quickly sheds her repressed demeanor with aplomb now that widowhood has propelled her to the public library for books on grief … or … sex? I’d wager there is not a single actress “of a certain age” who wouldn’t kill to play this role. I hope many theatres give them the chance! Another perceptive and entertaining slice of truth about aging from Marj O’Neill-Butler.
    17 Mar. 2023
    This wonderfully real dialogue between mother and daughter as wedding plans are made (and challenged) captures many subtle details about each of their lives and their complicated relationship. It unfolds with poignancy and humor and the ending is perfect!
  • Angels and Pastrami
    17 Mar. 2023
    Bruce Karp’s plays often provide a compassionate, humanist perspective, and ANGELS AND PASTRAMI is no exception. A charming, thought-provoking fantasy with very real and timely underpinnings, this story about the harsh reality of being unhoused contains surprising multitudes – and much to ponder -- in its richly-wrought ten-minutes. The ending is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.
  • THE EQUIVALENT OF SENSATION, full-length play for 5 Women
    1 Mar. 2023
    A sharp, daring, and utterly compelling portrait of four (real-life) women who shaped the legacy of modern art as they struggled to shaped their own unconventional lives. Arianna Rose displays her usual passion for finding truth through words in a play filled with rhythmic dialogue, honest emotion, and extraordinarily well-drawn characters. This always absorbing play pays great, overdue tribute to some under-sung women from our cultural past.
  • 15 Seconds
    13 Jan. 2023
    Bruce Karp’s beautiful, heartbreaking short play touches on many of the painful, violent, confusing realities we live with today. There are no easy answers, but if communication and love are our last best hopes, 15 SECONDS offers a welcome entry point. Karp’s fierce scenario and well-crafted words will make you cry, but more importantly, they will make you think.