Recommended by Kareem Fahmy

  • Cebollas
    1 Jun. 2022
    A road trip play. A family play. A comedy about loss and life and self-actualization. I had the pleasure of attending a reading of this play at the Colorado New Play Summit and laughed myself silly.
  • Eureka Day
    14 Aug. 2020
    It's rare I read a play that hits me on so many levels. The comedy is spot on, the way the characters' inner lives are revealed through dialogue and body language, the emotional punch of the second act. And don't get me started on the bravura display of the online message thread. Wow.
  • The Fifth Domain
    21 Dec. 2019
    A gripping and thrilling look at cybersecurity through the eyes of four compelling and richly-drawn characters. Victor's keen observations on our national security will make you ask a lot of difficult questions next time you click "accept" on a terms & conditions form.
  • i
    21 Dec. 2019
    A play that keeps you guessing from the jump and keeps going into surprising new directions with every scene. A fantastic drama of relationships with a sci-fi edge.
  • The Gravedigger's Lullaby
    21 Dec. 2019
    Contains one of the most excruciating (and compelling) scenes I've seen in almost any play. A story that really digs into how class is a force that works on all of us, all the time. Highly recommended.
  • The Submission
    21 Dec. 2019
    Scathing, funny, nasty... what a fun read. Bold, vivid characters. A "ugh, this hurts" look at what it means to be a playwright in the American theatre today.
  • English
    17 Oct. 2018
    I had the pleasure of directing Sanaz's thesis reading of ENGLISH and find it to be a compelling, funny, and moving play about how language and identity converge. I think Sanaz is a rising star and ENGLISH is an example of her prowess as a writer.
  • How to Use a Knife
    21 Dec. 2017
    Practically exploding with energy and excitement, HOW TO USE A KNIFE is a play about a clash of cultures, ideologies, and how a man is defined by the tragedies and longings of his past. One of the most wonderful plays I've ever had the pleasure of working on.
  • Strange Men
    21 Dec. 2017
    An engrossing, funny, surprising, and ultimately devastating play. Will writes with compassion and an earned knowledge of life in Africa, and dives into one of the thornier issues of life in Uganda, the so called "Kill the Gays" bill that criminalizes homosexuality. All three characters of STRANGE MEN and complex and dynamic and the play is both romantic and sad. Highly recommended.
  • No One Is Forgotten
    21 Dec. 2017
    Saw a reading of this at the 2017 NNPN Showcase in Orlando and was blown away. Funny, devastating, smart, and utterly compelling start to finish.