Recommended by Mark Harvey Levine

  • FAMILY BY NUMBERS Award-winning 10-minute drama
    10 Dec. 2023
    What an incredible play. Boils down the family dynamic to stark numbers, but then brings in heart-breaking detail. It's lyrical, funny and tragic. Relatable to everyone. Universal in scope but specific in story. Completely deserving of all the awards it has won.
  • Leave It
    13 Oct. 2023
    This is not just a well-written drama about the survivors after war and their complicated feelings as the ones left behind -- although it is that. Once you get the references, it becomes a play about what happened to the innocent people we knew from our childhoods, and about the innocence we had in the late 1950's and early 60's. Nicely done.
  • Take the K Train
    13 Oct. 2023
    Creepy and chilling. There are references to Kafka sprinkled throughout this play -- some obvious, some so subtle I didn't get them until after the play was over. But all of it added to a nightmare experience for Winston, and a good, but scary, experience for the viewer. I loved all the crossword stuff!
  • The Record Don't Stop Spinnin' for Robby Ray Robinson
    12 Oct. 2023
    My Lord. What started out sounding like an overly cliched potboiler of a play takes one of the sharpest left turns I've ever seen on stage. Suddenly everything you were thinking is turned on your head and you realize you're in the hands of John Adams truly strange mind. Shock turns to awe and then you find yourself laughing at the most horrible things but you can't stop. Read it -- read it ALL the way though!
  • Ever After
    12 Oct. 2023
    I was delighted when I saw the reading of this at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. Having Mother Goose as a marriage therapist is brilliant touch. I loved that she is called "Dr. Goose". I really love how it uses the fairy tale trope to talk about modern problems, and to highlight how ridiculous some of our stories are. Very funny.
  • Sputnik
    11 Oct. 2023
    A great yarn -- that also happens to be a true story. Everett Robert tells the life of an unlikely civil rights hero in this fun (and funny) play. "Sputnik" Monroe is not the sort of person you'd think of to take a stand against segregation, which makes it so fascinating when he does. I got to see this at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • Brian's Poems
    11 Oct. 2023
    A very sweet play wrapped up in a very funny package. I got to see a reading of this at the 2023 Midwest Dramatists Conference. An officious librarian, a snarky teen and a ticking clock provide the comedy, but underneath all this is a very human story of unrequited love, regret and yearning. Nicely done.
  • Life in the Hard Drive
    11 Oct. 2023
    A play with a neatly folding structure and a really cool Sci-Fi premise. It feels like an episode of Black Mirror (and I love that show). Greg Lam skillfully mixes the scary futuristic premise with some very human, emotional scenes. The kind of play I wish I had written!
  • Camel Girl
    9 Oct. 2023
    What a refreshing character -- a circus "freak" who's actually a strong, self-sufficient woman in charge of her own life. Her knees may be screwed on backward, but her head isn't. And amazing, it's based on a true person. Deb Cole's short play is fun and inspiring -- I wanted to hear more!
  • The Last Week
    9 Oct. 2023
    An unflinching look at the end of a life, without a drop of saccherine in it. Jessie Salsbury's play, which I saw in a reading at the Midwest Dramatists Conference, has lots of sympathy for its characters, even when they have none for themselves. It turns death into an action, something the character can decide to do through sheer willpower alone. Very moving. Well done.