Recommended by Mark Harvey Levine

  • Clara the Christmas Tree Angel (ten-minute play)
    13 Dec. 2022
    I had the pleasure of seeing this play at the Westfield Playhouse in 2022. This is one of those plays I'd wish I'd thought of. It has big laughs and a big heart. It's sentimental without being cloying. I love how it anthropomorphizes the tree-topper and looks at things from her perspective. A wonderful addition to any Holiday show.
  • Confessions of the Big Bad Wolf (10 Minute play)
    15 Oct. 2022
    I love plays that take familiar tropes and turn them inside out. This play does that in a hilarious way. I recently saw a production of this at Fonseca Theatre in Indianapolis, and it was full of laugh-out-loud moments mixed with a light-hearted examination of why a certain wolf shows up in so many fairy tales, and what it means to be truly bad.
  • One Fish Two Fish
    15 Oct. 2022
    I saw a production of this at American Lives Theatre in Indianapolis, and oh my God the fast-paced banter in this play is brilliant and hysterical. Amy really knows how to write biting dialogue and quirky original characters. I could spend hours with these two characters.
  • Teddy
    15 Oct. 2022
    Oh, this play hit me where I live. We never forget our beloved childhood toys, and then this play shows how they never forget us, either. I saw a production of this at American Lives Theatre in Indianapolis, and it was funny and poignent. It stayed with me.
  • Sisyphus's Interview (A One-Minute Play)
    11 Jan. 2022
    Every writer can relate to Sisyphus. Sometimes trying to find time to write feels like an endless struggle. This play explains why that's literally true for the original endless-struggle guy, Sisyphus, in a short, snappy and funny way. Who knew he could've had a better job. But this Sisyphus is true to his art. Great for any one minute play festival!
  • Talking Points
    5 Dec. 2021
    It's really hard to find a good Thanksgiving play. This is a great one. I loved the neurotic but thorough statements from Mike, the random questions and especially the comments from the kids table. A very funny but ultimately touching tale of family relations.
  • Becky's Xmas Wish
    5 Dec. 2021
    A perfectly delightful tale of Christmas viciousness. I've seen this twice now and it never fails to be hysterical. The character of Becky is wonderfully, gleefully murderous and the Elf is a hapless accessory to the crime. A proven way to cut through all the Christmas treacle.
  • Two Yards of Satan
    27 Jul. 2021
    This play starts out very funny and then quickly moves to hysterical. The pace never lets up, and the insanity threatens to spiral out of control but it just keeps going. "Hot Jesus" practically killed me. Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos is one of the few playwrights I know who consistently makes me laugh out loud. This play is another one to add to the list of her killer, sure-fire comedies.
  • Promposal!
    27 Jul. 2021
    The overly romantic meets the overly cynical in this great and sweet romantic comedy. Josie Gingrich gets the hearts-laid-bare feeling of high school aged teens just right. The yearning, the big mistakes, the awkwardness, it's all there. A wonderful play.
  • 38 Cookies, 39 Reasons [a monologue]
    17 Jul. 2021
    What an incredible piece of theater. I was honored to see this in person, and seeing it live was incredibly moving. The slow pace of the monologue gives it incredible power, and the audience was mesmerized. Stunning.